The VIX and its 200 MA

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    Just a quick update on this topic. The difference between the VIX and its 200 MA is 9.38 after the close on 4/14/03. This is the highest reading in a long time. The difference for the 50 and the 150 MA is also quite high, pointing to a 'top' signal.

    Will be interesting to see this unfold. :)
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  2. These are top signals, but they are most reiliable with other top readings, like a high Mcclellan Ocscillators, its SUmmation Index.
    And, I Like to see high readings on bullish% index.

    THe latter two are heading upward and maybe entering a topping out period.

    The VIX activity now short term suggests some corrective response due today or tomorrow, but until other indicators lin eup with a vix like this, an intermediate top won;t be in place.

    Caveat: I am short 88.6 SPY as of yesterday
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    I was wondering if someone was going to address this, good thread Babak. I have been feeling more and more cautious, even if it is hard on days like this.

    One thing I have been wondering is if the SSFs are having an impact on the VIX. The Put Call Ratio is not showing a terrible amount of piggyness in call buying. I would think that it would be showing a stronger conviction with the Vix being so low.

    Any thoughts on how the new Futures may change the Vix Readings?
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    Here is chart of QQQ v s VIX (green) and VXN/QQV (orange/pink)

    QQQ been treading water past 2 weeks while VIX/VXN have plummeted. Doesn't mean we can't go higher, but it reduces the momo short crushing potential.

    That was an interesting article. I think I've read his stuff before. Even though he's a permabear, his research is very thorough and original.

    According to the article, a relative VIX of < 0.80 could signal a top. Well, based on today's VIX close, the VIX relative to 200dma is 0.69 ! Hmm, I better be careful chasing the momo on monday!

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    I hardly think Hamilton is a 'permabear'. Here is what he wrote on Oct 4 2002 just before the HUGE bear market really:

    "The SPX/VIX ratio has thrown off a massive buy signal and speculators should consider paying attention."

    "If the SPX/VIX ratio proves true to its golden historical track-record, we are in for a spectacular bear market rally that will knock the socks off those not expecting it and yield legendary profits for those who are."
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  8. the vix is a good fear\bottom indicator on spikes but it is a poor greed\top indicator. the vix can stay at low levels for a long time. i wouldnt make a trade on a low vix reading alone.
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    Good thread Babak. Just my 2 cents. Plunging volatility coupled with the low P/C ratios we've seen lately might mean large call selling. That folks could be a bull item.

    Just trying to give you the flipside to conventional wisdom.
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  10. Agreed.

    Starting to think that since so many are looking at it here as "too low", it's probably going lower, and the market's gonna trade higher.

    Recall only last May/June it was 19 or so; at 24 and change we can easily bump the top of the recent trading range 950-975 SP.

    I think all these new hedgies created from the past few years are pressing the downside, just as the retail daytrader of the late 90s did the opposite.

    Thereby creating a wide and loose range on the VIX, given that historical vols run about 12-15%.
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