The Vikram Pandit Trainwreck At Citi

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  1. stop being racist.
  2. Xenophobia at its best.
  3. Yep a real jingo man here when it comes to US big caps. He can take his education and go home to the call centers as far as I'm concerned. That's all I saw from the minute they wheeled him out.

    Someone with that name has no business running that bank. Tech company, maybe some obscure S&P bottom tier company, but not Citigroup. Wriston, Reed, Wiell, Prince and then Pandit? :p

    My guess is he knows it too as do tons of American employees.
  4. He's grooming the bank to be bought out by foreigners. :D

  5. Get used to it. A man named Hussein may soon by running the country :p
  6. mccain's going to win
  7. That's fine. Good for them.

    You want an East Indian surgeon, trial lawyer, or pilot for yourself or your kid? You aren't nervous at the pharmacy?

    This poor devil can't even appear in public to defend the bank. The problem isn't my credibility sitting here bashing the choice on a internet board - it's his.

    They can't get rid of him now either so the bank is stuck. He'll take the stock down to book value.
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