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  1. Short Term Trading Thoughts on Currency Futures

    by Down River Trader

    Thought I would move my thoughts here to a journal to help stimulate some on-going discussion on currency futures.

    Like a River, always flowing, seeking equilibrium and realizing there is a vast ocean awaiting.
  2. spersky


    Nice write-up. I will follow it closely.

    Tonight might be a good time to go long and get a few points in a short term bounce.

  3. Sunday Night Open 2-12

    If price pushes down thru 1.1917, a good long entry may be around 1.1907. If you want to be less aggressive, wait for the push down and enter long once price moves back up thru 1.1917 area. An entry around 1.1907/1909 is my plan, but I need to see what is happening early in the evening.

    Then again, we may head south out of the gate and not look back so use prudent stops.

    Good Trading this week.

  4. spersky


    Well we are at 1.907. Going to see where this downward pressure settles out before going long.
  5. I just got filled Long at .1907 Only a partial so far.

  6. If anyone follows USDJPY futures, I am looking for the following setup also

    Long .8509 (Short USDJPY)
    Target .8553

    Symbol on this is JYH06.
  7. spersky


    I am short jpy at .8528. SO far I have about 19 pips profit. I think we are headed was down.

    Yen needs to sell off after that weak rally friday.

    I have a stop in case it goes against me, but I do not think it will.
  8. Good call on this one. I was stopped out while I slept on this one.

  9. I just flattened out at 1.1917 until things clear up a little.

  10. Good Trading Everybody

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