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    The final "super" seems to sum it up , this guy "zeus" is a vampire
  2. I can hear the silence in the room so much I can hear the pope whisper about the fish from the last Friday meal. Why have the fallen become so good with the metal clergy? So they might build a bridge made of steel to carry the stone they hold. The ice is on top of mount Olympus where Zeus rides a cloud bringing in the cold with the warm, sounding his fear that the rainmaker is about to come...

    Ras Putin is no Ras Tafari, send me a Zar ina and I might give you a crown...LMAO

  3. I worry about your odd posts
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    too much religious & spiritual things can mess up, contaminate, distort the mind.
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    The Vatican Museum

    What are the secrets hidden inside the Vatican Museum?
  6. They're not odd, they even because you can divide them into two and get even parts that are equal. Well, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, I try to use it before it goes to waste, some think some ponder, in the end, all will pondering how it all came to waste, I don't plan to be one of the ones pondering but thinking again about the last time...

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