The Vatican

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  1. It's amazing there are over a billion Catholics in the world, I suppose people will believe anything to make themselves look good, I guess the theme of today's world is yolo

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    Well Geez. Martin Luther was as springy as this guy. He needs to get to Vatican City ASAP, and nail his protest to the Pope's door as well!
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    Are you a member of this group?
  4. tomorton


    Its very possible for billions of people to all believe the same thing and still be wrong.

    There are 2 billion Christians in the world and a billion Hindus. One of them is wrong. According to Islam, both.
  5. no
  7. Good1


    You must be a member of the Gathering of Christ Church.

    If not, why did they excommunicate you? Or,
    If not, why do they not allow you into their group?
  8. I'm neither, I don't associate with any group, I'm a simple observer...
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    Why do you appear to be a partisan in regards one version of christianity versus another?
  10. because fools can't put images in front of fools and claim they are not fools themselves...
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