The Various Forms of Liberal Terrorism

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    Demographic Terrorism: Libs flooding the country with illegals in an attempt to rig the electorate.

    Economic Terrorism: Unbounded Spending and Taxation.

    Regulatory Terrorism: EPA shutting down 25% of Texas power plants and killing the domestic coal industry.

    Political Terrorism: Claiming a left wing murderer to be a right wing assassin for political purposes.

    Judicial Terrorism: Liberal judges across the country overturning voting results like Prop-8 in California.

    Medical Terrorism: Obamacare

    Constitutional Terrorism: Using taxpayer money to send heavy weaponry to Mexico in order to regulate domestic gun sales.

    Semantic Terrorism: Using the word "terrorist" to describe opponents and saying they are "bombing" the economy.

    Scientific Terrorism: Global Warming Alarmism and Manipulation of Climate Data.

    Cultural Terrorism: Advancement of the Gay Agenda to children.

    Criminal Terrorism: Failure to prosecute Black Panther voter intimidators.

    Have I forgotten any?
  2. And republicans like Reagan who gave them amnesty and republicans like Bush and McCain who tried to
  3. Is that worse then Reagan and Bush quadrupling the national debt and Bush 2 doubling it and leaving a trillion dollar deficit :confused:
  4. First known as the 1990's republican congress health care plan and Romneycare
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    very effective list.
    it reduced the paid lackey to to his typical schtick of bringing up romneycare... a flop.

    and reagan... no comparison.... jobs returned, we had unprecedented economic expansion and a congress which wanted to keep on spending on this dead end domestic giveaways and the reagan's preference the military. Which led to the downfall of the iron curtain. Because gorbachev and his generals knew the USSR could not keep up with a Reagan led USA.
  9. From ET's #1 birther,a group so stupid that even Sarah Palin wanted nothing to do with them
  10. Funny how republicans can bring up Obamacare over and over again but its a flop when a democrat reminds them that the leader of the GOP's 2012 pack implemented it first LOL !!!!!
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