The value of the USD is dependent

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    on th the GDP of the United States.

    It's a myth that US gov't debt would affect the USD.

    The decrease or increase in value of USD is based on demand and supply.

    Investors have sold off USD stocks since 2002 into emerging markets. Emerging markets have more room to grow while the United States is a mature economy.

    Much of the gain in foreign currency is result of investors dumping USD to purchase other currencies.

    All this talk about the debt and et about the USD even by professionals is myth and I thought they know better.

    The reasoning is that all the bears in the USD benefit as they own gold and oil.

    However, the rise in gold and oil is result of low interest rates and increase money supply and inflationary policy of central banks.

    These are my opinions not b.s. by other professionals.
  2. ?........Are you bullish or bearish? :confused: