the value of the 'Trump' name

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    I don't know if the Trump Tower Chicago "outperforms competition", but there are few lights there at night compared to surrounding buildings.
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    Too true, Lenny/Donald, there's little difference.
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    my brother recently sold a spectacular 3 bdrm 3500sqft. condo above the 60th floor at the chicago trump tower. we stayed on weekends a few times and will miss the amazing panoramic views of the has year round views of the sunrise and sunset.

    although the condo market in chicago like many other cities is suffering, i think the trump tower chicago will command a premium over the competition in long haul. the architecture of the building is timeless and the location cant be beat.

    if this were his primary residence, he probably would not have sold it. however, a $7000 monthly assessment and taxes is a bit stiff as a second home.
  5. 1) Did your brother sell the condo for more than he paid? :confused:
    2) On windy days, can you hear the toilet water sloshing from the building's swaying in the wind? :eek:
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    1. to put some perspective on this-he bought pre-construction (~2004) and in 2007 similar units were going for about 400-500k more. however, in 2010- net after broker fees and cost of ownership (taxes and assessments) he broke even.

    2. the most annoying thing was how loud the police/fire sirens sounded at night.
  7. That's real interesting about the sound pollution. I am sensitive to sound pollution. I would expect better from such an expensive building. It's been several years, but we stayed at our family friend's place about 4 years ago, across from Navy pier and yes you could hear the sirens, but that's a legacy blndg.

    One of the reasons my wife and I looked at high rise condos, in different areas, was the expectation of better sound proofing, solid concrete, etc.
  8. That's a feat in itself. :)