the Value of the first 350 B

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  1. how come the approval of .60 cents of ownership for every 1 dollar of investment in the first 350 Billion in the bailout was not first publicly stated before the public. so off the bat the public for it investment in helping these institutions .. which was against wat we wanted in the first place ... we got shafted on.. down 40% just in the transaction not to mention the drop in the price afterwards.. no one can state what our position size is at present..?

    WHY am i forced to make such a screwed up investment... anyone? where is all this transparency they promised us.
  2. Heed these words:

    When we look back in history, the taxpayer will get a return, if they're lucky, of 20 cents on the dollar expended under TARP, TALF or any other plan to be announced in the future that attempts or purports to attempt to deal with the toxic assets on bank balance sheets.

    It's a law of nature: The honest taxpayer, playing by the rules, cut off from honest information or integrity in the political process, always gets the shaft.

    What will they do when the average person who works hard and actually pays taxes (about 35% to 40% of the population now) says 'screw it,' I'm not playing this rigged game anymore?
  3. What is the source for these numbers?