the value of finding greater meaning in one's work

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    Quite the eye opener, eh? :D
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  2. You wouldn't take a pay cut at the same place, but I have made professional decisions which resulted in a lower pay for non-economical reasons.
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    Trading stocks?:D
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  4. lol no
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    "Socialist test" literally.
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    Trolling now gives meaning to one's life? How far has civilization has fallen? When ET trolls are even valued, we have too many kooks in society. That is why the US has so many shooters, most of them crazy kooks allowed too much freedom instead, of being locked up in psychiatric hospitals.
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  7. Huh?
  8. %%
    Good point, meaning that equals zero , or less than a goose egg:D:D.
    NO way socialist scams ever satisfy anyone.
    Another key; work is not life \only part of it.
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    i know dozens of people who forwent a career on wall street to become a doctor.

    And there's nothing that says you can't get paid and have meaning in your work.
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