The use of Mysticism to fool the people

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  1. The use of mysticism of some "natural order" to disguise what is pure rational intention is not new:

    "In 1940, Krafft was summoned to Berlin by Goebbels to look through the prophesies of Nostradamus and translate any of them that could be used as propaganda against the Allies. It was felt that these, if dropped into unoccupied areas, might well do something to persuade the people that government by the Nazis was in the <B><font color=BLUE>natural order</FONT></B> of things. And indeed, after some weeks' work, Krafft claimed to have discovered verses predicting the invasion of Holland and Belgium, and foreseeing the Third Reich and the Second World War. He produced a pamphlet based on forty quatrains of Nostradamus, designed for circulation in Belgium and France, and predicting the imminent downfall of Britain."
  2. My model which is RATIONAL connects Dow Theory, Elliott and Gann whereas they are considered as esoteric because according to academics their justification is based on pure fads and that they are only true because they are enough practioners whereas I pretend that their foundation is rational and their apparent justification irrational. My question is why ? Could it be that the use of mysticism was on purpose what's really lies behind market's action ?

  3. Harry,

    Before you ramble on too far with this pop, please explain to us what you mean by:

    (1) mysticism;
    (2) some "natural order";
    (3) pure rational intention.

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  4. 1. Are you simply curious about astrology/mysticism etc?
    2. Are siding the fact that it works on markets?
    3. Are you simply trying to make fun of it?

    Just want to clear things up before I decide to follow this thread.. :D
  5. I am astonished that Trading is the ONLY DOMAIN where I see so many people believing in such MYSTISCISM : this rate must be largerly higher than the rate in the overall population (if you tell a normal person in the street that stock market follows astrology he would surely believe that you are crazy whereas you say the same thing among traders, of course some wouldn't believe it but I know see that many believe in it and not the less intelligent).
    "Natural Order" is absolutly not a scientific explanation, especially as I can calculate top and bottom with rational equations and behind these equations lies a model of stock market manipulation (not obligatory in legal sense as there are many means to circumvent legality). If there is manipulation, it is then rational to think this manipulation must not be discovered by the majority and one way to do in history has often been to hide it behind Mysticism. I am incapable to check the accuracy of astrology in stock market, but let's suppose that it is accurate. I am a rational person: even if there is a correlation with planets, correlation in statistics DOESN'T IMPLY CAUSALITY and if there is stock market manipulation then there can be a HUMAN reason to disguise it under astrology. Pretending that the moon and planets have some mood influence is farfetched as for the intensity but let's admit it as it is still in rationality domain, but it goes much further than that: for example many astro traders refer to the date birth of stock market itself and that I'm sorry has nothing to do with influence of planets on people's mood - which could still be rational although not proved - but with pure mysticism. I am astonished that people just prefer mysticism and correlation without looking for rational cause.

  6. Hey Harry,

    Who talked about mysticism but you in this thread?
    The fact that two posters asked you a question doesn't mean that they believe in it. Then, where do you get your figures from? Did you give up on statistics? :cool:
    For my part I asked you what you mean by it (in the trading context), especially as you often like present yourself as a coherent person.

    Be good Harry,

  7. I don't talk about you I talk about those who believe in such stuffs. I am following the moon from time to time and yes there seems to be a correlation, but I'm not talking about the existence of correlation, I am talking about the cause behind such correlation if it ever exists (statistically speaking I'm not convinced by some studies in that domain as they lack rigor in statistics inference): many believers seem to accept this as some "natural order" or mystery of nature whereas we don't deal with nature but with humans above those who have interest in money and there have been many exemples in history where information has been manipulated by them. Is it more farfetch to believe that they extend information manipulation to ideology and mysticism by creating artificial correlations - once again if they are proved - or to think that planets have any interest in the Dow's Indice because it was born at such or such date ?

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    The answer is no. Now relax and get some rest.
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    Harry, you need to find yourself a good shrink.

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  10. example on INTRADAY BASIS (now I don't understand the comment it is in a foreign language that is neither french nor english :D)


    Moon 9:05 9:50
    Neptune 10:00 9:55 9:50 9:50 9:45
    Mercury 10:00 10:00 10:00 9:55 9:55
    Moon 10:35
    Uranus 11:00 10:55 10:55 10:50 10:45
    Venus 11:50 11:50 11:50 11:50 11:50
    Sun 13:30 13:30 13:30 13:30 13:30
    Pluto 14:20 14:15 14:10 14:05 14:05
    Saturn 14:30 14:25 14:20 14:15 14:15
    Mercury 15:05 15:05 15:00 15:00 15:00
    Moon 15:55
    Mars 16:15 16:15 16:15 16:10 16:10
    Jupiter 16:30 16:30 16:25 16:20 16:20
    Moon 16:40 17:15
    Neptune 17:30 17:25
    <IMG SRC=>
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