The USA's future ?

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    To see into the future it is always enlightening to look into the past. People haven't changed much for thousands of years. Philosophy and technology changes but atitudes change only little by little.

    As everyone knows there is a massive USA problem of debt.
    Not so long ago Athens rose to prominence as a City state. It had great wealth and power in the Eastern Mediterranean.
    With this sudden increase in power, trade flourished and many citizens became very wealthy.

    Nothing remarkable about that you might say. As the years rolled on the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Sound familiar now ?

    To keep afloat the poor had to borrow more and more from the rich UNTIL many were so hopelessly in debt they had to agree to terms offered by the rich - namely slavery. Have people offered themselves on Ebay yet for say a year to anyone willing to pay off their debts ? I haven't heard of it but the situation is not far away I expect.

    I think you are now wondering what happened next ?
    Well, study and enjoy your history and find out for yourselves , because it may well happen in your country!!
  2. The world will not allow US to fail like Greece or Ireland.

    World will act swiftly, decisively and fast not to allow US go in bankrupt mode.

    When i say world, then it includes everyone including communist china.
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    You hope !!

    I was spotlighting the poor

    The bitterly cold weather annually solves the homeless problem in Russia and other cold countries. The truck goes around the streets every night picking up the " stiffs " . Frozen solid in doorways etc. poor sods.
  4. Well, our laws won't permit such here. But it actually might solve some problems.
  5. That would would be pretty inhuman if we didn't help the less fortunate. We are God's children, rich or poor.
  6. blah blah blah. World full of hipocrites. When visiting NY, it was cold and that night 20 had frozen, was in news.
  7. Homeless shelters are full; homes are empty - former residents driven out by the banks.
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    You would think someone would come up with a simple plan to keep people in their homes, even as tenants or something