The USA and Israel

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  1. I am fed up with our tax dollars going to support the Israelis.

    The Israelis are bleeding our economy dry when we are in the midst of a recession and, by associating with Israel, we have created a bad reputation for ourselves.

    We need to stop sucking up to the Jewish lobby and grow a backbone.

    This is not a Jewish country and never was. We are predominantly Christian.
  2. Perfect, get online with hitman, american hero, or whatever brand he is going by today, and duke it out.

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    Tell me. How are all these new liberal posters finding the P&R forum at a trading site? Are they just magically being born in the stalls of restrooms everywhere and immediately told to come here and post opinions?
  4. I wondered the same thing about all the right wing extreme types here. When did they all start controlling these discussions.

    Mr. pspr, is there not room for the 40-60% middle in this world? Why so many at each extreme? Social liberalism means stay out of my life, my bedroom, and my religion or lack thereof. Fiscal conservatism means, let's get a decent budget approved. Lower the wasted defense budget, work together to do so. Does any of this fit into your mindset? I think it may. But, I may be wrong.

  5. For the umpteenth time, you are completely full of shit...
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  7. Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe that "c" is actually some middle aged, financially independent individual as he routinely makes mention of?

    I've been on message boards for awhile and I can usually guess the basic demographic of people posting after awhile. This cgroupman sounds feminine to me AND/OR under the age of 30.

    Way too much of that self-help, new age type stuff floating around in his/her posts.
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    I was just thinking today that maybe the "c" stands for carol or cindy, etc. It's hard to find a man as passive as he is. If he/she starts talking about womens reproductive rights, we'll have conclusive proof. :D
  9. You guys make me laugh, thanks for that. Yep, middle aged, haven't had to work for year, maybe decades. Happy in life, love trading, love my grandkids. It seems like so many here are the ones with 'issues' - so much anger, so much hate, and so much need for one another. As I mentioned quite a while back, these symbiotic relationships are interesting to watch, very predictable. I guess I must hit a nerve for some reason since I don't dive in with all this vitriol, name calling, and other silliness. Oh well, I think you guys will eventually grow older and wiser.

  10. This is a thread for debating the merits of our continued support for the Israeli occupation state.

    Please do not use my thread as a forum to hurl personal insults at eachother.


    Israel should be removed from the equation of American policy making. We need to force the Israelis to give back what they have stolen. Then we can wash our hands of Israel.
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