the US should invest in American companies NOW!

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  1. Stop spending on Iraq war & the lost cause.

    The US should pass another $800 Billions Bill (instead of the 600 billions bill for Iraq & 800 billions already gone to the wind in the Middle East) to buy undervalued American companies like AAPLE, VLO.....that are trading at low PE because of the recent market crash. This will create a REAL, long-lasting faith in America investors invest in THEIR own country.

    This is another GOOD debt. Surely in 5 years, this 800 billions with give the US government at least 30% return because PE is at historic low level now. This new Bill also can give the US immediate 10% return through MEGA SHORT SQUEEZE. With this news, the market will immediate go up another 600 points in a week.

    With this bill, the 4 trillions of dollars sitting in money market funds will be put back in the equities market in a hurry. The rally therefore will have legs. THIS IS MONEY WELL SPENT & GOOD DEBT because it's a guarantee profit!!!

    Write to Congress now & urge them to invest in America NOW!!!
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    You go first. :D
    Seriously if they did that I would start to investigate the North Korean markets to trade.
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    No! What should happen is that the Federal Reserve should be thrown out of the country. Lock, stock and barrel. They got us into this mess. Did you over extend the debt process? Did you get the annual report from the Fed that said who they bailout? Do you get to say how much money is spent and who gets it? DO you even know that the taxes you send in every year go to pay the interest on the national debt, to the federal reserve. Why are we continuing to use a failing system from a cartel? Because people think credit is a good thing. It is if your the lender. But we are not the lenders. We are and will be the borrowers till your childrens children die in slavery.
    The Goddamn Feds got to go! Otherwise bend over and say, Thank you!

    For all you political people: you cant vote your way out of debt. All you are doing is changing the players, not the game.
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