The US Real Estate Bubble and the Illegal Immigrants

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  1. Am I the only one that sees the connection between the 2 problems? Much of the excessive construction of homes and commericial RE the last 6 years has given incentive for Mexicans to come to AMerica for jobs created from this.

    I drove around Kenosha, WI this weekend. I haven't visited there since 2001. It is amazing to me how much development of Mcdonalds, Walgreens, Lowes, Red Robin Burgers, etc.and other retail stores have been built, as well as all of the subdivisions and town home projects. Where are all of the people going to come from to support this. When all of this construction is over and the dust settles, who is going to employ all of the people to support these stores...Any theories?
  2. Besides making most of the stuff you now buy, I'm sure the Chinese wouldn't mind shipping a few of their less desirables over here.:D
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    Too many towns are building places like this because it's easy tax revenue for them even after offering breaks.

    Employment is easy...people need to work 2-3 jobs to "survive" plus those unemployed still looking who'll take anything + the immigrants = high demand for the positions, even if they pay like junk.
  4. illegals have driven up housing prices by cramming into 2-4 bedroom homes with up to 6 families - just like packrats or cockroaches.
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  9. How does that make any sense? Explain in detail please.
  10. Illegals have reduced housing prices.

    First they receive lower salaries, lowering costs, lowering prices.
    They purchase less homes than they could -or should- lowering demand, lowering prices.
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