The US old Enought to kill but not old enought to drink :D

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Should the age to enlist be raised to 21

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  1. Can anybody here explain why you are old enought to join the army and kill people but your not old enought to drink legally in the US. I think its time to raise the age to legally join the army if that is the case.
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    Why raise the military age when you can lower the drinking age?
  3. then lower the drinking age. But you cant use the excuse that they arent mature enought to make decisions then. If the legal age of consent to join the military is 18, then everything should be legal at that age. if the US government considers you an adult, then you should be treated like an adult. Sam123 is this a true statement or not?

  4. Based on your twisted logic the US army was not even supposed to exist during the prohibition. I agree that the drinking age is too high though.
  5. no, it was illegal for everybody during prohibition. Dddoo, dont you think if your an adult, who is capable of making a decision to sacrifice your life, you should be able to decide to drink or not :D

  6. I'll answer this when you can spell "enough" correctly. There's no "t" in "enough".
  7. LOL! :p
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    We may not be the world's geniuses, but we are able to make some finer distinctions with our morality.

    A man of 18 is old enough to harm an enemy, but too likely to harm an ally if he's drunk.
  9. I agree. Old enough to join the army, travel the world and kill people, get married, have children and, of course, vote, but not mature enough to drink a friggin' beer?
  10. If only prohibition could truly be spoken of, as a thing of the past.

    <img src=>

    Year 2004-

    Total Violent Crime Arrests: 590,258

    Marijuana Possession Arrests: 684,319

    Total Drug Arrests: 1,745,712


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