The US must stop spending on Iraq war & more on Wall ST

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  1. The 700Billions bill is nothing. The US can afford more than that if the troops are going home. Americans should ask the US gov't to end the Iraq war & concentrate on Wall ST & the financial crisis.

    I know debt is bad. By doing this 700B bill, the US will have more debt but this is GOOD debt to save the horrible depression from happening.

    It's better than spending almost 800 billions on Iraq & Afghanistan. Why throw money oversea is better than spending in America?

    Why no traders protest on Iraq spending but make a big, irrational fuss over the 700B Bill? This is clearly anti-America in so many levels.

    I say, it's time to spend in America!!! America must save the banking system or all American companies will file for chapter 11 soon enough.
  2. Because traders are good capitalists.. understand the fact for every 1 dollar spent in Iraq.. US is going to get back at least 15 down the road from there.

    If we were saints.. we'd be out liberating people that are in middle of genocides in Africa.. Not trying to "liberate" the people of one of the worlds most oil rich countries.
  3. For every $1 spent in Iraq, US is going to get back $15?

    I don't think so. This is how Americans got "fooled" into the senseless & costly war. This is how the US gets huge BAD debt & the US dollars going down the toilet & the economy is on life-support today.

    If the US doesnot save the bank, all capitalist traders will be on wellfare..if the US has a few bucks left to give them welfares at the

    I say, stop spending oversea. Bring the troop home & spend in America instead. Without the war, we can have 2 trillions bill to save America financial system for sure. Why spend almost 1 trillions for strangers in the Middle East or wherever already? Why America traders don't protest on the costly war but crying the river over the 700B Bill???? It doesnot make any sense!!!
  4. Do you honestly think the republicans would spend a dime in iraq if they didn't think it was going to bring back so much money .. to the point that when 6 billion dollars in iraq goes missing.. nobody gives a shit?

    US / US companies officially control all of Iraqs oil now.. which when you add up.. probably goes into trillions of dollars.

    Never mind all the construction gigs us firms will get over there.. and before you know it there is mcdonalds and popeyes chicken in every corner in baghdad .

    Long term investment my friend!
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    RIDICULOUS! Sounds like some crapola Bush would give us to justify "staying the course".. :mad:
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    LUDICROUS!... we're in Iraq for one reason only... Bush WANTED a war! Had nothing to do with ever "getting even a dime back"..

    And we're still in Iraq so that Bush can save face.. and not admit it was a horrible decision... regardless of what "his face" costs Americans.
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    not the USA makes 15USD from 1 spend... but only the few fucking people arround Bush, Dick and ........

    So how stupid a people can be???
  8. exactly!!!

    traders should protest on Iraq spending, not on the 700 Billions Bill. the Bill could be at 1.5 trillions to save the banks if the US hasnot gone to stupid, costly war. 800 billions spent over the middle east & FOR WHAT? it is THE MAIN UNDERLYING CAUSE of this banking break down & the dollars went to toilet. US housing is going down the drain while middle eat houses like in dubai is going up 400% because the US force/base spent so much money over the Middle East............................... if traders do think about it!!!!
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    I was going to say the same thing. The American people aren't seeing this money.
  10. I agree. I think we are in Iraq because Bush wanted to prove something to his father. His father was the head of CIA, twice vice-president and the president while Jr. getting high and wasted. His dad never thought much about him but after he got selected by the Supreme Court to be the president, he wanted to do something that his dad could not or say did not. Getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a way of convincing himself that he is not a failure after all.

    If it was up to me I'd rather invade Iran, Venezuela or North Korea.
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