The US Must Become An E-Nation

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    Efficiency demands it....and will be the centerpiece of the way forward....

    Government....including elections


    New Electronic World Stock and Debt Exchange....
    including boilerplate reporting, direct access....




    Information....current, historical....endless categories....

    Entertainment....worldwide and local origination....replaces TV and local radio....

    Business....Presentations, contracts and bidding...etc...
    Work at home....etc....

    Tourism (see and experience virtually first) just about everyway imaginable....fuel savings, etc....

    Lots of prospective jobs and work to be done....bandwidth, standardization in many forms, wireless and wired seamless access....

    Thus the centerpiece of the way forward....
  2. Sounds great, doubtful if we'll see it in 30 yrs tho.
  3. Kingfin2


    I'm all for it, but if we become more efficient (automated) where will there be any jobs (besides for the techs) for our general population? I'm just asking, in an interested way, not smartallecky.
  4. Sounds good, but one EMP strike and we are back in the stone age.
  5. Same thing I've been wondering lately LOL. One solution is to reduce the number of hours we all work and to tax the owners of the machines that make what we use. I definitely would love the reduced # of working hours part, but I'm not sure the tax part is fair.
  6. indexer


    E-VERIFY - (mandatory check for citizenship to get a US job).
  7. Hah !!Reliable, for sure.......but I would assume there would be a multitude of EPA rules/regs that would need to be broken to send a message.
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    They will drag us kicking and screaming into the "E" age. My phone company(IDT) now wants $0.99 for a paper bill.
  9. It takes the burning of a lump of coal to send a 10meg file coast to coast. To send a 720p movie you're looking at burning a pallet of Kingsford bags. Torrent the Hitchcock catalog back and forth and you're looking at a small mine in West Virginia.

    "e" is fun, and allows exploration of long tails, but it does not come with any particular fuel savings and it sure as hell ain't "green" in any meaningful way.
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