The US Military Begins Actions Vs Venezuela

Discussion in 'Politics' started by libertad, Apr 7, 2006.

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    who cares?

    america is yesterdays news.

    china, india & brazil is where its at.
  2. We must be ready to spread more democracy.
  3. Dont you mean spread more state sponsored terrorism?
  4. Whats interesting about this, is that the Hispanic community just loves Hugo. How do you suppose the 12+ million immigrants will react to a confrontation with Venezuela?
  5. Hardly an action....just an exercise to let them know we are still here.
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    thats a venezuela newspaper.

    what a demagogery we have in this forum..
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    It is one thing to find a justification to attack Iraq or Iran or North Korea. But to think that White House will attack a democratically elected leader is pure non sense, no matter how much they hate Chavez.

    This would go against everything our country stands for. To do something behind the scenes, absolutely, but to justify invasion, not in any foreseeable future.


    P.S. Let's get back to trading
  8. Really? Everyone here in Puerto Rico thinks he's a friggen moron. And why would you name the title of this thread "US begins actions Vs. Venezuela"?

    Nevermind, I know the reason.
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