the US is falling apart both literally and figuratively

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should highways etc be controlled by the government or private companies?

  1. private companies

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  2. government

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    there is a shortage of money to repair and extend highway.


    it was a big mistake to allow government to build and finance roads.
    it should have been a private function.
  2. the whole world is collapsing. dirt roads are coming back in a big way!

    private/government wont make a diff
  3. Haha falling back to the last bunker, last stand of the US forces in baghdad lol
  4. The federal highway administration spends about $40 billion dollars per year. There are 200 million licensed drivers in the US. That comes out to about $200 per licensed driver. Of course the average drivers pays about $200 per year now, just in the federal and state gas tax that everyone pays per gallon of gas (assuming 12k miles per year @ 20mpg).

    So if it was privatized, we might have better roads, but we would likely pay alot more and we would notice it because they probably wouldnt take it out at the gas pump.
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    The Reagans were absolutely spot on: Government is the problem and don't do drugs..
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    I don't know if this is representative of the whole US but I've just come back from busines in Florida. Drove from Miami to Sarasota (via Alligator Alley, didn't see any Gators) and back.

    Overall I was very impressed with the roads. Smooth tarmac, well maintained and no potholes. Contrast that to England where on any mile of road you're likely to see a either a couple of potholes or some crappy fill in job which will last a year max.
  8. how can you compare this kind of country with USA, you must compare like for like. Germany vs USA, Canada vs USA, not Uk vs USA, Philipines vs USA, etc
  9. Overall I was very impressed with the roads.

    same here in Texas. Austin and San Antonio, a lot of new highways, bridges and roads. Pain in the Ass for traffic but great new projects.

    Economics is Local people, for the most part. The Depression is consuming most of the states, I would say 90%. Texas also has a budget issue but the new Oil and Gas findings in Shale over the last two years is not under serious development and will bring in 100s of Billions to the State.

    Most "Liberal" states are not only bankrupt but falling fast. Califonia is now at 12% unemployment. So goes Cali, goes all of the Liberal States for sure. Of course the 12% number is a lie. I would say it's double that.
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