the us is a low tax nation

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  1. Good chart, but didn't we already know that? I find it interesting how some choose to just spout out nonsense instead of dealing with reality.

    Lowering taxes from 70% made sense, from this level, not so much. Cut spending, yes, yes, yes. All that wasted military money, not the good stuff, but the waste and the overkill. The oil subsidies, and yes, make everyone work to collect assistance. What is so damn difficult?
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    Not at all. The general public may feel taxes are too high, but they do not have context. Those who take a bit more care, try to objectively measure the size of government (I have posted links to several ways of doing this), that is, applying a bit of the scientific method, know US taxes are low. But we have one guy here, living in a high tax state, who concludes taxes are high everywhere.
  3. Perhaps he should move, then he would see the light?
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    And many of us would like to keep it that way and even make it better/lower.
  5. And does this include property tax?
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    Not to mention the many other taxes. I recently paid a $200 tax for the privilege of reducing my pistol's noise. How fucking stupid is that?