The US dollar and the biggest default in history.

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  1. Because, Gnome - SA has been on this site spewing the same anti-US, Anti-Bush, US-is-gonna-fail, Brazil-is-the-next-superpower crap for as long as I've been here. It gets tiring. Wanna discuss it? Write a blog. A good portion of his info is slanted. Some of his "statistics" are a joke. Some of what he says is right on the money. All of it is biased.

    It gets old. Just like your "gummit" speeches and posts and ranting gets old. Just like S2007's posts about how the end of the world is coming. Or Aaron's inflation posts get old. Or Hedgetrader2/Day7729's post about how the bulls are gonna stick it to the bears and that we all have a depression complex.

    There is such a thing as beating a dead horse. Many of you guys have beat the horse dead so badly that I had no idea it was ever a horse in the first place.

    This is not to be insulting, and I apologize if it is. It's just an observation and a plea to get a new tune.
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  2. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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  3. ElCubano


    you kinda have to wonder what the family and friends have to be going through....:D

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  4. Interesting comment... just goes to show, "most people don't want to hear it, even if true"... Head in the sand sort of thing.

    Is that what you think? Bush has been OK as a President, and the US has no serious financial problems? If that's the case, I can see how you view this all as "beating a dead horse".

    I agree with most of what Ivanovich said... but I also believe SA quoted material is mostly correct about the financial/government situation. And if I were a PhD candidate in finance, this would be my thesis. (Though I'd probably not be granted the credential... academia "doesn't want to hear it either")
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  5. I believe the US IS going to fail... but it will take 30-50 years. Brasil as the next super power? Doubt it.

    Historically, economic power has gone to those who "make things and sell them to the world at a profit"... That used to be the US... more and more it's becoming China.
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  6. Gnome, I consider myself an open mind. I like to hear all points of view. Even the crazy ones. But most folks, including myself, don't want to hear it over and over and over and over and......

    Some of you folks spew this stuff ad naseum. It's enough really. Please.
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  7. You're in a spot of bother then... being a moderator and having to read it all...

    I suppose being a moderator also means you can't put anyone on ignore.. ??
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  8. Quite correct. I responded to him, showing things like:

    US unemployment rate = 5%, Brazil = almost 10%.

    So what did he do? He kept adjusting the US rate upwards, adding the "unemployed that stopped looking", and also that it was "underreported by the US govt".

    By the time he was done, the Brazil unemployment rate remained near 10%, and the US rate had about quadrupled.

    Of course, he did not do this for the Brazil rate (you mean, only the US has reporting problems and Brazil is very accurate about this?)

    He is exactly what you said. "Hurray for Brazil, Down with the US"
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  9. Tell me about it. No, I can't put anyone on ignore. But I don't want to either (except with folks like "cold"). That doesn't mean I can't share my opinion though. Which I'm doing.

    For what it's worth, I agree with a lot of what you say, Gnome. But one can only agree so many times :)
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  10. Agreed, there are a few ETers who are quite obnoxious.

    Moderating Economics then, must be like moderating Religion, Politics, or Trading. (I stopped posting on trading a couple of years ago.... eventually recognized traders hold to their views much like religion.)
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