The US 'Conservative' Hypocrites

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    I just found this article on TAKE A LOOK AND READ IN FULL

    I am quoting on their taxes... 13% FLAT personal income tax :eek:

    ''Thanks to the Internet, and more specifically to YouTube, I have been able to watch some of the so called "conservatives" of Fox News. Yes, we in totalitarian Russia do not have Fox, we only have 3-5 Russian news channels (depending where you live), plus CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle and of course there is the Orthodox Church channel and various others...see, dear readers, the Foxservatives are right, Russia is totalitarian.

    Through YouTube, I got to watch several different programs that used a couple of my articles, that were printed in, as part of their show. Now, normally I would not mind added publicity, but it would be nice if my permission was at least asked, kind of required by copy right laws, and yes we have those in Russia too. That one Bill Oreilly did not even bother giving me credit on my own piece, just shows his concern on law and order...oh but he was busy not spinning on his "NO" Spin Zone. What is the matter Mr. Oreilly, copy right only applies to American media? Or does the property of those outside the US not matter much to you?

    However, as much hypocrisy as was shown by the way my articles or parts of them were used, it is all paling in comparison to the hypocrisy these Foxservatives show for Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

    What do I mean? Quite simple: on a social and economic level, these two great men are the wet dream of American conservatives high and low. In Russia, we have implemented what Americans (and never mind the defeated English) can only dream about. But instead of taking these accomplishments as some great points or guiding lights or as fellow travelers to align with, these so called American conservatives, in the pockets of Islamic Saudi Arabia and their war ministry, do nothing but shill for Cold War and arms build ups.

    What are the great accomplishments I speak of? Let us review.





    Flat Income Tax: the wet dream of all American conservatives, we have it and not the 30% or so suggested by those American conservatives but at 13%. Just dream about it, because that is as close as your system will ever get there.''
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  3. All those stop stealing our money this country is going to hell people who weigh 300 pounds and can't even spell collapse are funny!:p
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    Russians were fortunate that Putin appeared on their political stage and replaced Yeltsin. I met a couple of Russians recently during my snowboard session. Their country seems to be a new ''Wild West'' in the positive sense.

    Low taxes that we already know of and DEMOCRACY (corrupted but a democracy).

    What does the old West have?

    the US:

    The father of fascism, Benito Mussolini said ''"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

    Let's have a look at USA: private FED, FDA governed by Monsanto and others, corporations allowed to fund political parties, the president not elected in a direct elections, more taxes to pay for wars, etc.

    Third Reich's expansion (WWII) was caused by this country's inability to repay debt. Hitler had to invade other nations to get cheap labour and resources otherwise he would have collapsed Germany's economy.

    Same is the case with GWB and Obama. US growing debt is sustainable only due to wars and robbery of other nations' resources.

    the EU:

    Sadly the place where I live can no longer be called a (true) democracy:
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    I don't even know how to spell the new president's name

    Soon we'll relocate to Russia in search of freedom and liberty.
  5. Yes democracy is having the out-going President retain power while a new figure-head President takes charge. Of course the old President still has the country firmly under his grip. As far as dissent from this style of government is concerned, you may as well not even bother because past dissenters have been poisoned and killed. Of course leftists in the western world wish their leaders would be more like Putin and throw the rule of law under the bus but they are stuck with guys like Obama who are too cowardly to do it. Look at Russia, they have an ego-maniac running the country who refuses to relinquish power regardless of what the law says. The leftists of the world love this because, afterall, what is more democratic than that?

    Just imagine, you can learn such elegant and sophisticated things such as the benevolence of Putin's rule while snowboarding.
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    People voted this way.

    Their young democracy is weak and corrupted. But still it is a democracy. US and EU are not democracies.

    I consider myself a libertarian. I consider EU and US lefitist / socialist countries. There can't be an economical freedom with personal income taxes high as +30% and VAT around 20% and countless beurocratic obstacles / quotas / licenses / permissions.

    In Russia you can trade forex at 1:1000 leverage if you so wish. Soon in the US the allowed leverage may be reduced to 1:10. Show me any other country that even consider such restriction on economic freedom :confused:

    Putin has been demonized by Western media. But of course he is no angel
  7. Really, there are no elections in the US? I don't like a lot of the people in power but they were elected. This is a bogus claim.

    I agree that income taxes are too high in the US and most of Europe. US aint socialist yet. Europe is far gone, and it ain't a good thing. The US will most likely follow this path of doom.

    Yeah, 1:400 leverage is way over the top, 1:1000 is absolutely crazy. Let me guess, the reason you are failed trader is because the leverage was too low. Give me a fucking break.

    Putin is a flat-out thug. There are no two ways about it. If you think he retained power through democracy then I have a nice beach front property in Nevada I would like to sell you.
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    You have problems either with your eyes or brain. I never wrote this.

    I am a libertarian. In my opinion the state should not interfere with what people do with their money. This is where I differ from leftists / communists. And your guess is wrong.

    What I think is what I wrote. And nothing more. You pay 30% income tax and have unbalanced budget, Russians pay 13% and have a budget surplus.
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    Really? According to who?
  10. Britain Top Tax Rate 50%
    France Top Tax Rate 40%
    Germany Top Tax Rate 47.5%
    Sweden Top Tax Rate 57%
    Spain Top Tax Rate 43%

    This is a list of 5 countries I chose at random.
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