The US can never ever at this point say unfair trade practices, or cry to foul play

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. now that the US has interfere, and bailed out every industry concieavable, and used almost every trick in the book to save every possible industry. From banning short sales, to rewriting contractings, to bailouts, low interest loans, etc, the US can kiss good bye complaining about unfair trade practices ever again. Bush justified giving up capitalism and free markets to save the economy and national security. Every country in the world can now say that. For example canada, is now bailing out the forestry industry there. Prime minister harper called bush, and told him for the national security of canada, he had to help out the forestry industry. end of story. europe bailed out quimonda today. national security end of story. Its the end guys.
  2. Actually, under WTO rules they could impose an emergency 2 year temporary rule to protect American jobs.

    What's brought us to this pathetic end is the huge trade deficit and huge budget deficit. If we didn't need to borrow $2 or $3 billion more each day from the rest of the world, there would be no crisis.