The US Becoming Socialist By Default ? What to Do....

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  1. US Banks are a lot like mining stocks. You know that the business is in mining, but you really have no idea what the mine contains.

    Third tier assets and so called legal accounting rules are supporting the larger banks and even the likes of Goldman Sachs.

    So the old saying goes.... What they do not know about will not hurt them.

    Well, one day living in vagueries just may come to an end, which will require sharp and abrupt changes which will only have the printing press as a solution.

    However, this may come to a halt as well in that finally the use of the printing press is no longer a possibility.

    So next comes the question as to what the approach will be as to governability. Well as long as votes are going to be the deciding factor, the votes are not going to be in the form of capitalism requests, they are going to be in the form of I want the government to pay me in some fashion, ie socialism.

    What has to happen is a change in the underlying tax and reform policies which by default will secure capitalism, and the best parts of socialism.

    1) Taxation: consumption tax only

    Why....there are literally no savings by the majority....the last thing they need is the IRS imposition....

    Businesses from all over the world will beg to domicile in the US.

    2) Local Internet Governments

    Tax money will be spent by local internet by city, reporting to the states. The key point is managability. The larger the entity, the harder to manage.

    3) Elimination of the 2 party voting by advertising system

    Projects take time. 2 to 6 year political stints are rediculous. Projects can not be completed when in continual stop start mode.
    There is no further need for the incredibly rediculous two party system. Projects are voted on, and the best people for the job are hired.

    4) Energy Independence

    The US must use what is within its borders. Energy should not depend on energy depot delivery and monopoly. Energy should come from the air, sun, or water....and be sourced from home.

    5) Wealth Distribution

    Common stock mandate
    Township ownership

    6) Finance

    Local Banks....local loans by asset discount....

    Electronic stock exchange....nonobligatory non interest capital

    7) Education

    The Internet

    8) Health

    Socialized.....innovation is rewarded......but is not a business

    9) Eliminate legal largesse

    Every month, the phone book gets thicker and thicker with lawyers that need to make a living.

    The names in the phone book need to be all but eliminated in that this segment will no longer be economically viable.
  2. What to do?
    Don't vote Obama!
  3. Do you HONESTLY think McBush is any better?

    Face it - we're screwed.

    The Republicans in Congress are joined at the hip with the Democrats.

    And Bush, our fearless leader, has been the Spender-In-Chief par excellence for 8 solid years.

    Say hello 56 trillion dollar national debt.
  4. Libertad, I like what you say, and agree with all of it.
    However, the voting thang ain't gonna fly. Lawsuits will tho, cuz
    the ignorant poor will claim discrimination. They'll be totally left out of the loop. No bus, no free chicken dinner, and no one to tell them who to vote for.
    Even if they line up at the local library to use their voting computers, they'll have to have someone read the screen outloud, and even hit the Enter key.
    Way too many Americans just can't read.
    I like the idea of a literacy test. I even think that only those that own land should be allowed to vote.
    But I"m in the minority on that one.
  5. If you have wealth, the best you can do is "pull a Jimmy Rogers"... get the HELL out of America.

    If you have wealth, expect the Gummint to "tap you directly/indirectly for everything".. you'll likely see at least 90% of your wealth confiscated through taxes, inflation and currency debasement.

    If you don't have wealth... it's likely you never will. You'll experience a decline in your standard of living as you find whatever money you have goes less and less far... you'll be "downgrading" on everything just to maintain.

    This is nothing new... world financial history is RIFE with examples of exactly what we face... our "elected leaders" (cough, cough) should know better... (saddest of all is that our elected leaders DO KNOW BETTER... and continue to RAPE the populace and public purse out of greed, anyway) :mad:
  6. They ARE better.

    Or at least "less worse" than comrade Hussein (Obama).
  7. Libertarians for the win!
  8. Neither candidate, neither party... is worth TWO DEAD FLIES.. If you're a patriot, you'll vote "none of the above" come November...

    Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, has stated he'll "not vote for President in November"... Why do you think that is?

    Ventura was a wrestler, but he ain't no dummy!!!!!!!
  9. For all of you who have not studied or forgotten your lessons on American History...

    Suggest you go back and review...

    At the time of the American Revolution, colonialist leaders decided we need to "band together and oppose King George III and the British Crown"....

    Got news for you... we need to do that NOW to oppose our self-serving, corrupt, lying, thieving Gummint.

    Revolutionary Americans realized they were risking ALL.. life, liberty, and property... and that they either "all hang together or all hang separately"... that was literal, not a metphor.

    If America is ever to become other than a 3rd World Socialist society... we must oppose the 545 DICKHEADS who control the country!!! :mad:
  10. libertad,

    are you talking socialism for the corporations or the masses?
    One example out of countless some of you should remember
    Lets follow the $$$.

    The Best Energy Bill Corporations Could Buy: Summary of Industry Giveaways in the 2005 Energy Bill

    It all boils down to, who makes decisions?...who benefits?

    Why not funnel these $$$ into cheaper cleaner alterative energy sources? Want cheaper oil? if you really care and mean it, focus resources on alternatives. Good for the people and environment, but not so good for the oil barons.
    Isn't 36 billion enough?. Are they hurting so badly? Do they really need taxpayers to subsidize their operations?

    To be very honest, maybe the nation needs a Bush/Chenney ticket or similar for another 4, heck make it 8 for good measure, years.
    Maybe that's what's really needed ? (eyes wide shut)
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