The US and slavery

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  1. Anytime African slavery is mentioned, the focus is always on America. Let's shed a little historical light on the situation. The Arabs began the African slave trade in East Africa hundreds of years before the Europeans began the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Estimates are that Arab slave traders shipped and sold 10 to 18 million Africans in middle eastern and North African markets. By comparison, it is estimated that 12 million African slaves crossed the Atlantic. The Atlantic slave traders, ordered by trade volume, were: the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and the Americans. Only 3.25% of African slaves ended up in North American English colonies. The vast majority ended up on sugar plantations in Brazil and the Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, East and West Indies, etc.). The remainder were imported into other South American countries by the Spanish and French.

    The US is the country that is being made to pay for all this, however.

    And one way we're being made to pay for it is by allowing the biggest fraud in the history of the country to squat in the white house as a usurper.

    And voting him out isn't going to solve it because the people responsible for it all will still be walking free.
  2. yea dam it. blacks should know their place. besides why else do they put a door in the back of the bus?
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    Don't forget the Brazilians didn't outlaw slavery until 1888 I think it was. And they were still murdering slave descendants for their land as recently as the 1980's.

    Why is it none of our bleeding hearts are up in arms over Brazil? Hell, even Canadians and Native American Indians owned African slaves.
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    As a group, with individual exceptions of course, they have few social skills.
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    Your theory doesn't work, the biggest body counts in history weren't caused by "blacks".
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    1) It's not a theory, blacks DID round up their fellow Africans and sold them as slaves.
    2)The topic is slavery genius, not war.
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    Old slavery was defined with whips and chains.

    The new slavery is defined as the IRS.

    Maybe someday someone will free all of us.
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    Obama is in the white house because george bush and the neo con republicans sucked. Our country is not leftist.

    the leftists got a chance,they failed... they will be voted out.
  9. What these records show is that the modern slave trade flourished in the early middle ages, as early as 869, especially between Muslim traders and western African kingdoms. For moralists, the most important aspect of that trade should be that Muslims were selling goods to the African kingdoms and the African kingdoms were paying with their own people. In most instances, no violence was necessary to obtain those slaves. Contrary to legends and novels and Hollywood movies, the white traders did not need to savagely kill entire tribes in order to exact their tribute in slaves. All they needed to do is bring goods that appealed to the kings of those tribes. The kings would gladly sell their own subjects. (Of course, this neither condones the white traders who bought the slaves nor deny that many white traders still committed atrocities to maximize their business).
    This explains why slavery became "black". Ancient slavery, e.g. under the Roman empire, would not discriminate: slaves were both white and black (so were Emperors and Popes). In the middle ages, all European countries outlawed slavery (of course, Western powers retained countless "civilized" ways to enslave their citizens, but that's another story), whereas the African kingdoms happily continued in their trade. Therefore, only colored people could be slaves, and that is how the stereotype for African-American slavery was born. It was not based on an ancestral hatred of blacks by whites, but simply on the fact that blacks were the only ones selling slaves, and they were selling people of their own race.
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    And then the reps will fail and be voted out and the libs voted back in. That's history for ya.
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