The Upcoming Slaughter

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  1. Cutten


    bodycount = total deaths amongst iraqi and coalition forces (apart from natural causes)
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  2. vega


    I'M OUT OF ALL MY OFFERS -- I'M OFF !!!!!:p

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  3. Cutten


    Lol, you didn't think I had the 1 million in there for show did you? :D

    I'd be interested in what offers the neocons put up!
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  4. Turok


    >no it is not: "god" wasn't just telling abraham to do
    >that, "he" was telling *everyone* in those days to
    >do that.

    Ok, Damir. Here's the challenge. Please find me in Genesis (which will satisify the "in those days" criteria) where god tells *everyone* to kill a son.

    I'll be waiting.


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  5. 22:20 Updating Iraq warfare: 22:00 Iraqi update: Coalition military compound in Ar Ramadi under fire by Shiite Sadrist militia forces. Significant casualties reported, including US Marines. DEBKAfile adds: This is first time radical Shiites come to aid of Sunni Baathists. Shiite centers present also in Sunni Triangle at Baquba, Balad, Samarra or Al Muqdaryah, from which Sadrist militiamen may have reached Ar Ramadi

    21:30: Heavy fighting Tuesday night around Sunni Triangle town of Ramadi. US reports significant casualties including US Marines in Ramadi and Fallujah. Fresh fighting flares in Baghdad’s Shiite Sadr City district between US forces and radical Shiite Mehdi Army.

    Marines backed by tanks, Cobra helicopters and AC-130 “Spectre” aerial gunships engage Sunni guerrillas in fierce fighting in Fallujah. Rumsfeld reports several arrests if men responsible for ambush of four US security guards last week. US have photographs of more targets. City cordoned off and access restricted to reporters.

    Maybe it will all be worked out sooner than we think?
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  6. BSAM


    I think you might have him there, JB.

    Meanwhile.....In other news.....Little George's "Vietnam" is raging today. Wonder how many of our guys he's gotten killed today? And, really, for what? As soon as we leave, this place explodes!! Again.....Do it RIGHT or get home!!! O.K......You whining liberals and ET U.S.A. haters, let's hear it!!!
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  7. The US administration is also underscoring that even after the handover in Iraq, US troops will continue a strong presence in the country.
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    'fraid not. nothing more dangerous than a man of one book - especially if it's THE book, right? :)

    the evidence for commonplace sacrificing of children is extensive and - most importantly - extra-scriptural. that golden calf they built in the desert? yep, that belonged to the one asking for the blood sacrifices. but hey, if you get something of value from the story that's different from what i get, it's ok with me!

    back to the markets: when is TradeSports going to open a contract on who gets killed first, Musharaf or Osama?
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  9. Turok


    Ahhh...the cop-out arrives...

    >the evidence for commonplace sacrificing of children
    >is extensive and - most importantly - extra-scriptural.

    Your assertion and my question WAS NOT whether sacrificing of children was common or uncommon...this is just a dodge on your part.

    You asserted:
    >"god" wasn't just telling abraham to do that, "he"
    >was telling *everyone* in those days to do that.

    Please produce the evidence that supports this statement.

    Nice try. Still waiting.


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  10. Handover of power in Iraq=Puppet Government

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