The Unpatriotic blimp speaks

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  1. (This unpatriotic tub of goo would rather have a deep depression than have Obama's plan succeed...this comes after years of Rush Limfat saying day after day that anyone who denounced Bush policy and the Iraq war was both unAmerican and applying the same reasoning he applied to others...this fat tub of puss and goo hates America, loathes America, is unpatriotic, and is hoping for the worst for Americans under Obama's plan. Never has there been a clearer case of us vs. them, and the comparison of a football game to a situation where people lose their jobs and go through needless as absurd as it gets. To Rush this is all a game in which he get fatter and wealthier off the revenues of his hate talk radio show. Thinking people should wake up and see where this guy is really coming from...a very dark place...His moronic view that our economy is like the Super Bowl of his team vs. the opposing team is beyond the pale of self absorption. He is a fascist who has no interest in a two party system or any degree of compromise whatsoever.)
  2. Barry Hussein set Limbaugh's dumb ass as the leader of the party...and played him like no tomorrow. And he fell for it like the Anal cyst having fat fuck that he is.

  3. I don't particularly like Limbaugh, but I caught part of the speech. He had some excellent points.

    I don't particularly care for Arianna Huffington. I don't ever remember her having excellent points.
  4. I saw him speak, and he wasn't bad.

    But I'm curious why there isn't a movement to draft him to run. The straw poll showed Romney at the top, but only with 20%. The enthusiasm Limbaugh generated would have trounced that number easily.
  5. Please, please let them nominated the drug addicted Viagra taking anal cyst draft evading thrice divorced fat tub of gooooooo....

    Of course to become a public servant, Limfatty would have to take a huge pay cut from his multimillion dollar a year day job...

  6. Republicans will come up with some ultra conservative. Romney fits the Bill. Huckabee is too rural. They need a suit with some business experience, because in two years, it will pretty obvious we need a law and order type.

    Gartmen pointed out in his Friday letter, Obama first month approval rating lower in W's. And it'll get worse and worse as Prez Pelosi makes policy for the fruit and nut crowd.
  7. Romney would be Pres now if the kook wing of republican party hadn't objected to him and and his magic underoos.


  8. Republicans mock enthusiasm related to Obama but cheering a disgusting, fat, thrice divorce never had kids POS demagogue shows just how many morons there are in this world.

    Yes, I am supposed to learn the value of competitiveness in this world from a talk radio host who was born into a prominent family and could not even finish Southeast Missouri State University...
  9. wjk


    I disagree with Rush. He says libs are never happy. Since they have elevated spending into the trillions, I've never seen so many happy faces on the left. Nancy can't stop jumping up and down, and has had a grin on for days.
  10. Where is your false sense of outrage when W was racking up the debt?

    Obama is trying to fix the economy. He will not succeed because the underlying economic theory he is using is flawed. But the money being spent right now has a more honorable purpose than OIL.
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