the universe as we see it

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. in the book "hyperspace" the author begins the book with an example similar to this: imagine being a fish in a pond. your entire existence has been in this pond. one day a human comes over and picks you up out of the water. you look around and are amazed to see there is more to your universe than you could be aware of on your own. not only is there more, there is much more.

    we may think a distant star is far away, but so is a fish near australia thinking about a fish near california (if they could think like this). imagine you are a fish that lives on the bottom of the atlantic ocean. you have no way of even knowing that an entire other ocean, like the pacific ocean, also exists. our universe could be just like that. maybe we live in one universe and there really are many others and different kinds.

    as for things we don't understand, imagine you are a fish underwater and you're a scientist. you're trying to explain why when you look up, sometimes it's light and sometimes it's dark. as a fish, you will never know about the sun, that it exists, or what it even is.

    who is to say we could not just be fish on a higher level? this is not necessarily my belief, but i'm very much open to the idea. if i had to say what i think is really going on, i'd probably say something like this.