The United States Will Never Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons

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  1. Ah, yeah.

    There is another thread similar to this with a guy from Brazil who hates America yet lives in America. His thread has been here for about 6 years.

    He has been wrong for all of this time about what he is writing about.

    I believe he has OCD. And he hates Jewish people. He is a anti-Semite.

    This thread is dedicated to him and his mental illness and his prejudice towards Jews.

    It's obvious he has an agenda. It is plain to see.

    Feel free to give thoughts on what you think about him and his disorder.

    His nickname at ET: SouthAmerica
  2. JamesL


    "The United States Will Never Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons"

    Which is why they, like N Korea before them, are hell bent on getting one or two. The world looks at you differently when you have a few of them at your disposal.

  3. Who gives a damn? I don't.
  4. pspr


    Well, maybe, if we were attacked with one first. But even then, Obama would just send in the drones if it were to happen this year. :D
  5. 377OHMS


    I'm struck by just how much SouthAmerica seems to hate the country he resides in.

    I wonder why he doesn't leave? Living some place that you hate like he hates the USA doesn't make sense to me. He has stated that he is from Brazil. I'm curious why he doesn't live there.

    Economic considerations maybe?

    The other thing that gets under my skin is the creepy way he formats his posts with second person references to himself. He has also called himself a journalist. I get a mental image of a guy in a bad polyester shirt and pants with a thin mustache, a white patent leather belt and white shoes typing anti-American tripe into a laptop. Guess I lived in Puerto Rico too long lol.
  6. Eight


    Apparently he gets published in some journals, I can't recall which ones he mentioned but I recall thinking that it wasn't that shabby... He wrote a book, I found it on Amazon once. It is about some South American History or something that is JUST SO IMPORTANT! [and no, he bothers me, but I haven't given it a horrible review... but I could. hee hee, I love that feeling of power, fleeting as it might be...]

    I'm not so sure he hates America, I think he just wants people to wake up and be objective, get over their delusions, like that... or maybe he's from the "you have nothing to lose but your chains" crowd, they mix that with Catholicism in South America and claim they are rational, LOL [and that's how they got where they are today]
  7. 377OHMS


    Which journals? What book?

    You're "not so sure he hates America"? Really? Read any of his posts lately? I'm not sure I've seen anyone with more anti-American sentiments, not on ET at least.
  8. He is more anti-American than anyone else at ET. And he enjoys it because of his mental problem.
  9. BHO got OBL.

    Bush, well he just wasn't that concerned about it.

    So dream on.
  10. The United States Will Never Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons
    will never attack if Iran get Nuke? No,never. Jews are cowards.
    will never attack with usage of nuke? I'm not sure at all
    Vladimir Putin linked the urge by certain states to possess nuclear weapons with the “more frequent cases of crude and even armed outside interference in the domestic affairs” of these and other countries. Authoritarian regimes, he said, realize that until they have their own “bomb”, they “might have to sit and wait for ‘humanitarian intervention’.” :D
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