The United States of America Motor Company, Inc.

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  1. "Starting today, the servicing of your General Motors or Chrysler car and the guarantee of its warranty are backed by the United States of America."

    - President Barack Obama speech today, March 30, 2009.

    Does this mean I can get Geithner or Bernanke to change my oil?

    I wonder if they're going to throw teams of NASA scientists on the design and engineering teams. No O-Rings, please.
  2. Obama has no clue about business, he's never ran one, never been a chairman on one, NOTHING yet he is handing out $$ like it grows on trees. His advisers are the ones who get us into this mess.

    The outrage better grow after this bs. I'm @#%@#$% pissed.
  3. 2 of the 3 is going to merge and all the top management should be replaced.

  4. He has no experience.... just Marxist ideals. He's using the power of his office in an attempt to transform the culture and economy of America according to his personal desires. That's NOT the the bastards' job!
  5. This is the last surge of Socialist ideals. When this ultimately ends in massive failure (and Revolution) he will be seen as the biggest fraud ever.
  6. Let's call it American Motors Corporation, or AMC

    got a great idea for a new car, the Gremlin
  7. Doubt if it's the last. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to remove social programs from the culture and budget. He could do enough damage in one term that we may never recover... :mad: :mad:
  8. you guys who claim socialist are so insanely ignorant.

    the market should be rallying on this news, this shows that obama admin understands the issue and will not stand hostage to gm and chrysler pathetic use of product warranty to keep their junk company connected to a lifeline.

    the fact is, management is to blame for this mess...and their proposal was probably a pathetic attempt to keep their company going for another 2 months.

    obama admin did not permanently refuse helping the pathetic 3, they just thought the managements plan was trash.

    just the 3 words ford, gm, and chrysler automatically signals JUNK. That is the worst situation to be in for any type of business.
  9. Maybe he can hope to have two terms to ravage the country like Bush :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. Huh? Who's Bush?
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