The United States is Finished!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by midlifeguy, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. 9999


    Ah yes, taking someone else's land by brute force and nearly wiping out the entire population (=genocide) in the process is really something to be proud of. Is this your idea of non-cowardly, manly behaviour, day7793?
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  2. yes, nature is raw....the Lion fights for its territory
    The main responsibilty of society is to defend that society.

    Before white man come to new world there was plenty of war. The Native americans (not native, from Asia) were in endless wars over land , women and pride.

    Thse wars would destroy societies and had a lot to do with keeping these people primitive.

    Had the native americans been able to form a greater society pool their resources, share knowledge they may have been able to advance....for example maybe one smart Indian might have had the insperation to invent the fricking WHEEL.
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  3. maxpi


    We didn't need the fricking wheel you moron.

    This thread reminds me of the constant barrage of "20 years secular bear market" from 2001 onward. I guess it makes people feel intelligent if they predict a disaster or something...
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  4. Yea, your right.......the wheel had nothing to do with progress. Walking is much healthier

    Maybe you need to get off the reservation once in awhile
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  5. maxpi


    Wheels are good!! Sure, I can go anywhere and find a shitload of fat white fuckers with their creepy little handshakes and their intestines that don't work and their stories about their doctors and meds....
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  6. ehsmama


    Since when does a stock market crash finish a Country. Is JAPAN finished?
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  7. avarus


    The US economy is setting up for the next great bull cycle.
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  8. mokwit


    Yeah after 2 or 3 years or grinding markets at best, assuming clearing is allowed to take place, it actually needs to be forced.
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  9. Don't worry Pedro will be waiting for you on Monday morning so that he can be trained and so that you can be "retrained".:D
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  10. Yep, the US is finished. We're all moving to Canada next week.

    First round of Molsons is on me.
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