The Unemployment numbers

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  1. Of course the numbers are not better....and the data released by the GOV is not correct and does not account for those who have fallen off unemployment and those getting unemployment.

    You wana know how ObamaNation is going to be. click link below for all you 9 to 5ers (who visit ET) who think your safe in ObamaNation, safe as in Job Security.
  2. clacy


    More unemployment = more dependency on government handouts = good for DEMS.

    I swear these motherf*ckers are trying their hardest, albeit stealthfully, to turn this country into Cuba, Soviet Union, etc.

    Look at all of the people from the Obama administration that have recently been exposed as being on the record supporting communism, Mao, Marx, Chavez, etc.

    It's really unbelievable, until you realize how stupid your average American really is.

    Most can tell you exactly who got cut from "Dancing with the Stars" but have no clue that one of Anita Dunn's two favorite political philosophers is Mao Tse-tung.
  3. clacy wrote:"one of Anita Dunn's two favorite political philosophers is Mao Tse-tung."

    Oh wait..Anita came out AFTER Glenn Beck called her out on that quote and said "It's irony, which Beck seems to be lacking"...
    Avowed Marxists have swerved into power.
    shit shit shit:mad:
  4. Just wait until Obama signs away all our future in Copenhagen... :(
  5. I warned all along that though Bush was HORSE SHIT, OBAMA WOULD BE WORSE...

    But noooo... I was just a dumbass RACIST... :mad: :mad:
  6. This is getting sorta dumb, I think...

    Marx is one of MY personal favorite political philosophers. I think his contribution to our understanding of political economy is immense. Does that make me a Marxist? Not necessarily...

    I don't know (and don't care) whether Dunn is a Maoist. She might be, for all I know, but you certainly cannot conclude that from her remarks.

    As to the unemployment, isn't this rather a case of fact vs counterfactual?

    No matter... This is entering dangerously politicized territory, where I choose not to tread.
  7. clacy


    I'll give you Marx. But Mao? That guy killed millions.

    Can you imagine the uproar if several of Bush's advisors had been on record as saying "Hitler is one of my two favorite political philosophers" or were self-described Nazi's.

    All hell would have broken loose.

    Mao didn't get the pub that Hitler got, but just as bad, IMO.
  8. I agree, he's certainly evil... However, does it mean that Maoist political philosophy is necessarily evil? Not sure... There's a few other examples like that.

    As to Hitler, in my view, both Hitler the man and Hitler's political views, what little substance they had, were evil.
  9. clacy


    I'm sorry, there are thousands of political philosophers to chose from, and many that are just as profound and have identical views to Mao, only they didn't exterminate 20mm political dissidents.

    Poor choice of idols to hold up to HS kids, regardless.

    Hitler, like Mao, was not pure evil. They both actually probably accomplished some good things for their countries. They both really believed that they were doing good for human kind, I would bet.

    But to justify the end, by murdering millions, throws out all credibility, IMO. Both men were among the most evil and murerous in the history of the planet.
  10. I would certainly agree that the woman should have exercised better judgement. I certainly wouldn't have tried to cite Mao as an example for US high schoolers. All I wanted to say is that appreciation of Marx doesn't necessarily make one a Marxist...
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