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  1. Fox and CNN had a room of undecided voters and out of around 40-50 people a total of 7 said they changed their vote after the debate. All 7 people said they are now voting for Obama. The way the trend is going i would say the election is over.
  2. Yes,

    there is a compounding effect now, and frankly McCain is his worst enemy - namely his antics, the personality of McCain - that is some of thing that drive people away from him. McCain is simply not a likeable person. He's not as awful as Giuliani, though.

    George W. Bush had one REALLY important thing going for him - he is an always jovial person, although being an idiot.
    GWB readily admits that he is not the smartest cookie, and he does all kind of stupid, goofy things - but he still has some charm.

    McCain is like a geriatric nasty neighbour with a pee-stain on his trousers and smelly... kid-hater and nasty.

    That is psychologically a big difference as well, and as more debates go by, people perceive and compound these impressions. The ugly grimaces and bad tone from McCain is not appealing to anyone - no matter how hot Palin is and attention is successfully drawn to her.
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  4. Hehehe,

    you should have a GIF of when McCain after the debate got up and is undecided which way he should go around the table to get to the front, flails his arms and sticks out his tongue while grimacing...
  5. Fox? So that would be 43 McCain and 7 for Obama. Yes, it looks like it is over for Obama.
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  7. I watched this debate in HD on a big screen TV.... I swear to God McCain looked like a pale iguana !
  8. Think that youngster Obama has ever shaved?
  9. Good ones...
    He even did stick his tongue out and grimace when he stood up there with the Obamas and Cindy and they were waving to the crowd.

    Also, he sometimes stick his tongue out when sitting there in the debate, but that seems kind of a weird way of wetting his lips or something...

    On that last picture - it looks like McCain is after Obama's ass...
    I wonder what those VietCong guys did to McCain.
  10. LMAO

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