The UN Vote On The Palestinian State

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  1. The intended date is about 5 weeks away. Does anyone know more about this?
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    Does anyone give a shit?
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    Its the website. When you hit the quote button the last character is supposed to be a bracket and it is being truncated intermittently.

    The "palestinians", if there is such a thing, don't realize the downside of trying to become a soveriegn state.

    As things are now when a few homemade rockets are fired from Gaza into Israel it is treated like a terrorist attack and the response, if any, is directed towards those who fired or manufactured the rockets.

    If "Palestine" became a nation and a few rockets were fired into Israel the response might be invasion and war as would happen between countries. Israel might attack the entire military or government or literally conquer more territory.
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    I wonder if maybe it's the browser instead, cause I haven't had that happen to me a single time, ever.
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    It was happening to me. When I finally realized the bracket was missing and added it manually the problem stopped. Not sure why.
  8. So he is either too stupid to figure it out and fix it manually or too lazy to review his posts and make sure they are properly formatted and readable. Neither bodes well for his credibility.

    PS did I forget to mention that no one gives a shit about the UN vote on the Palestinian state? :) Nothing will change until they choose to live in peace alongside Israel.
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    I suspect it is all really about Jerusalem. The "palestinians" are planning to claim it as their capitol.

    Personally I'm starting to view this like I would a rodent infestation in one of my outbuildings. I think in terms of how to kill all the rats without killing the quail, rabbits, ravens, badgers, chipmunks, bats, hummingbirds and coyotes that live on my property.

  10. You should've thanked him.
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