The UN is Morally Bankrupt, Filled with Pedophillic Sickos

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    Read the whole article.

    The UN is a corrupt fraud that exploits human suffering for political capital and wickedness.

    Child abuse by aidworkers, peacekeepers rife: study
    By David Clarke Mon May 26, 7:11 PM

    LONDON (Reuters) - Sexual abuse of children by aid workers and peacekeepers is rife and efforts to protect young people are inadequate, said a report published on Tuesday.

    The study by charity Save the Children UK said there were significant levels of abuse in emergencies, much of it unreported and unless the silence ended, attempts to stamp out exploitation would "remain fundamentally flawed."

    Accusations of sexual abuse by U.N. peacekeepers and aid workers around the world have increased in recent years and the United Nations is investigating claims against its soldiers in hotspots such as Haiti, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The report said while the U.N. and some non-governmental organizations were stepping up efforts to address the problem, a global watchdog should be established this year to monitor attempts to tackle abuse and champion effective responses.

    Save the Children based its findings on visits last year to Haiti, Southern Sudan and Ivory Coast. It held 38 focus group discussions with 250 children and 90 adults, followed up by in-depth interviews with some and desk-based research.

    The study found a huge range of exploitation and abuse: children trading sex for food, forced sex, verbal sexual abuse, child prostitution, child pornography, sexual slavery, sexual assault and child trafficking.

    The focus groups identified children as young as six as having been abused, although most were aged 14 to 15.

    U.N. peacekeepers were identified as the most likely perpetrators by 20 of the 38 groups, although a total of 23 humanitarian, peacekeeping and security organizations were associated with sexual abuse in the three countries.

    "All humanitarian and peacekeeping agencies working in emergency situations, including Save the Children UK, must own up to the fact that they are vulnerable to this problem and tackle it head on," said Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive of Save the Children UK.


    MORE THAN HALF of the participants in the study identified incidents of sexual touching and forced sex. Of these, 18 and 23 percent respectively recalled 10 or more such incidents.

    "They especially ask us for girls of our age. Often it will be between eight and 10 men who will share two or three girls. When I suggest an older girl, they say that they want a young girl," a 14-year-old boy who works at a peacekeeping camp in Ivory Coast told the Save the Children research team.

    And the report said official U.N. statistics APPEARED TO UNDERESTIMATE the scale of abuse, probably because so much of the exploitation was not reported by victims.

    "Clearly there is a significant disparity between the low levels of abuse cited in these statistics and the high levels suggested in field investigations and other evidence," it said.

    Save the Children said there were many reasons why abuse was not reported: fear of losing material assistance, threat of retribution, stigmatization, negative economic impact, lack of legal services, resignation to abuse, lack of information about how to report abuse and, crucially, lack of faith in a response.

    Anecdotal evidence from all 38 focus groups suggested there was an endemic failure to respond to reports of abuse.

    "Many U.N. agencies and NGOs working here feel they cannot be touched by anyone," said an aid worker in Ivory Coast.
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    The UN is just a tool of convenience and propaganda-arm for America.

    If they endorse our wars, great; we beat the heads of our detractors (and the American Sheeple) with our "righteous consensus". If they vote against or chide Israel, F**k 'em. Go to war anyway.

    The UN has its inspiration in Global "Governance", to which we happily seed our sovereignty to, year-by-year. This is known through-and-through to every bureaucrat in Washington. Yet still we give this Socialist Juggernaut more power to rape us of our Freedoms, every year. Why?
  3. The UN is just a tool of convenience and propaganda-arm for America

    You're wrong. The UN is the propaganda arm for everyone else except USA and Israel. The UN is f'd up by design, we set it up that way. The UN's only purpose for the USA is to take attendance on the nutjobs.
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    Totally agree!
  5. US out of the UN, UN out of the US.
  6. Keep your enemies near. The UN provides jobs in Nyc, it's a nice touch. Taking the UN out of the US is pointless. There are already UN's in other cities in the world that serve the same function.
  7. The obvious purpose of the UN was to condition people in rich western countries to the idea of global government and to get them confortable with the idea of handing over their freedom, sovereignty and wealth to elite overseers. Thankfully, the appalling corruption of the UN has sickened even the most ardent one worlders and made their vision impossible, at least in the near term.

    Even europeans, who are far more easily led than Americans, are having second thoughts about the great european union experiment, which was kind of a global government exercise on a smaller scale. They see their freedoms and national culture being shoved aside by an all-powerful and unaccountable EC bureaucracy.

    With their cherished dream dashed or at least postponed, the world government crowd has regrouped under a different banner, that of global warming. The globalists realize that total political control over the west is not absolutely essential if they can control their economies. The power of democratic and capitalist countries can be swiftly undermined and global "economic justice" addressed.

    Of course, given the way our economy is going and the state of our energy policy, it's hard to imagine them doing much more harm to us than our own politicians are accomplishing. At least we can vote our crooks and scoundrels out of office, provided the media go along with the idea.
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    BUT, let's not skirt the issue, that the UN stinks and doesn't provide the needed (fair, clean and powerful) leadership. The world needs an additional, different, UN-like body to make important decisions and back them with money and political clout. There have been proposals that the, perhaps 50, largest democracies on the globe form such entity. I think it's a very good idea - that's what the UN should have been in the first place.