The ultra liberal CBC goes to bat for Ignatieff. Vote Compass is a fraud.

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    It has begun, the CBC is now in the tank to make sure Harper doesnt get the majority. Turns out it really doesnt matter how you answer questions, the CBC thinks you should vote liberal.

    ............That's all Pottymouth cares about: his friends. But you and I care about facts. So let's look at VoteCompass together -- why don't you take a minute and do the following two experiments.

    Here's the first experiment. It only takes a minute. Go through the survey and answer every question with "no opinion" as your answer. Of course, skip the part where it asks you to choose parties or leaders (that would be taking an opinion). Surprise! The CBC push-poll says you're a Liberal.

    Even though you gave absolutely no legitimate reason to be pegged as a Liberal. Like I say; Loewen and friends rigged the system.

    Now try a completely different approach. Go through the survey again and simply alternate clicking "strongly agree" and "strongly disagree". Again, skip the section where it asks you to rate the party leaders or parties themselves -- but answer the 30 policy questions with alternating extreme agreement and disagreement. Surprise! The CBC push-poll says you're a Liberal.

    My favourite part of the Liberal-CBC campaign site is the questions is uses to tell you that you're a Liberal. Amongst them are questions about abortion laws and same-sex marriage laws. The Conservatives have upheld these laws for five years, and have never introduced a bill or campaign promise to change them; yet the Liberal-CBC website uses them to distinguish what party you support. They also use support for the Afghanistan war, which is quite something given that it was a war started by the Liberals and continued by the Tories.

    Pottymouth can't deny that the push-poll is rigged in favour of the Liberals. He can't deny that his drinking buddy worked as an Ignatieff partisan. So really, all he's left with is his own anger and frustration -- and some childish name-calling.

    Here is my full correspondence with Tom Flanagan. Maybe Pottymouth might try picking up the phone, too, instead of merely taking the word of his drinking buddy.
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    See above example, and if you dont belive the article, go to the vote compass, and do it yourself, no opinion on every single subject apparently makes you a liberal.

  3. Biases aside, and as with perhaps most FOX NOOZ viewers, you seem unable to make the distinction between actual news reporting and commentary of one form or another. In the case of FOX NOOZ, they help that confusion along by presenting opinion as news to a viewership that chews and swallows obediently.

    Hello, you and I have very little more to say to one another. We have called a truce of sorts to not insult one another, and I think that's a good thing. However, having read a number of your recent posts in various threads, I think that we are sufficiently far apart that we are unlikely to have meaningful dialogue. You consider people with my centrist to slightly left of center views as being unthinking. You would probably not even consider me anything close to centrist. And this is why any exchange between us is next to meaningless if not entirely so.

    Also, please refer once again to my post, which you quoted from another thread:
    If you are comparing the CBC to FOX, then you are engaging in false equivalency of the highest order. If you are comparing what is obviously print commentary with what is passed off as unbiased and actual news reporting, then you are engaging in false equivalency of the highest order. Really, let's call it a day, shall we? There's nothing more to be said between you and me.
  4. The CBC is notorious for being Liberal biased. The vote compass is just the latest evidence of this, for reasons outlined in the OP. It will be interesting to see what the new Sun News is like.