The ultimate Victory for a troll, funniest video ever.

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    This has to be like winning the Superbowl of the Trolling world when you manage to pull this off.

    The dad in this video is hilarious, how people can possibly be stupid enough to respond to a bunch of trolls with their entire family in a rage thinking people are going to stop is beyond me.

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  3. I don't know what to say after watching this video, but I got to give credit to her dad for being there for the little girl, even though it's a little too much.

    I would vote him as the world's greatest (and funniest) dad, since he had to publicly yell and threaten a bunch of strangers over the internet just to help his little girl feel better.:p

    Btw: don't disagree with me on this because consequences will never be the same!

  4. i'd vote him as the worst dad in the world for raising a little bratty, foul-mouthed bitch. if he were a GOOD parent, he would have taken her computer away and beaten her ass silly for the original obscenity-laden video she made, then make her post a video apologizing.

    by yelling at the other people, he hasn't taught her anything except that she can continue to be a useless brat and daddy will always come to her aid. he's also teaching her how to throw a verbal temper tantrum, like that'll be any good later in life.

    i haven't seen a single good piece of parenting in that video.
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    He reminds me of a wrestler with his finger pointing tantrum, LOL.

    How could you possibly call this good parenting? First off if my daughter was her age i would not be giving her a video camera to post any videos of herself on the internet with all the nutjobs on there. Secondly if she is not mentally stable enough to realise that the internet is basically a giant cesspool for people who are out there to piss off as many people as possible she shouldnt be on the internet, and he was stupid enough to not understand the way the internet works as well, can yuo imagine how harsh the responses would have been to this video had the girls account not been closed? This video became one of the most popular on youtube so i can only imagine how bad the girl and her father got it after this.

    Responding in a rage to a bunch of trolls is like throwing gasoline on a fire to try to put it out, this guy has to be one of the worlds worst parents.

    P.S. Im worried about what the consequences of this post will entail, when chuck norris' brother over there gets ahold of this post.......

  6. I have backtraced you! You have been reported to the cyber police!

  7. She is a kid. An 11 year old, and not even 12 yet! The internet is a giant playground for her. We can't take whatever a 11 year old said seriously. Also, there are things you can only learn as you mature, especially social skills. You can teach that as a parent, but your children could only learn it through experience as they mature.

    The dad is probably just playing along for her daughter. I am not sure if it is bad parenting or not, since I don't know what has been said to the little girl behind the scene. It would be nice to see a video clip showing the parents teaching her social lessons, but it's the internet. People can only judge what they see.

    However, you got to admit that he does love his daughter so much that he is willing to publicly humiliate himself just for her. It seems like he knows it's just a game, and that's why you see him mentioning "cyber police" even though there is no such thing.

    PS: The consequences just changed! It's not the same as before!!!

  8. Check out this remake!

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    Thats exactly the point, if she is 11 years old, she is not old enough to realise the way the internet works and is still heavily influenced by other peoples opinions, so the father should not be allowing her to post videos like this on youtube.

    In terms of the dad just playing along, i think you are giving the guy way to much credit, any dad who would react in that way, and show his daughter that the way to deal with a bunch of asshole bullies is to throw a temper tantrum, is an idiot. Even if he was trying to put on a show, and he understood it, all he accomplished was throwing gasoline on a fire, there are tons of different remakes of this vid on youtube now, and instead of his daughter being bullied by a couple people, she is now the laughign stock of millions of people, how could you consider that good parenting?

    P.S. I definately want to figure out how the consequences have changed..... LOL this line definately sounded like some sort of wrestler, im waiting for the youtube video of him hitting someone in the head with a chair, and then asking for a title shot, if you listen to the video i think she says her name is jesse slaughter, perhaps SGT slaughters niece? :)

    EDIT: do a search for "consequences will never be the same" on youtube this dad just ruined his daughters life.

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