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  1. kenstl


    hey mjt,

    do you know if there are any retail software products (maybe realtick does this but i don't know) that will include the entire ECN books in the level 2 screen??? so instead of just having the single inside ISLD or INCA quote in there along with all the MM's prices, you could actually have the island book in its full depth mixed into the level 2 screen.

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  2. mjt



    It's been my experience that if you trade through most daytrading brokers, you'll get the entire ISLD book integrated within the level 2 book. With third party software, like eSignal or whatever, I don't know. The only brokers I've seen that offer the Redibook fully integrated are those that trade through the RediPlus system.
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  3. Magna

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    My ultimate software trading platform would include (among other things):
    • Built-in intraday scanning (i.e., mTrader, iWatch, Sort Wizard, Stormtracker, OzScan, etc.)
    • Simulator with realtime data capability and realistic random fills
    • Shorting availability on the order-entry window along with number of shares available
    • Alerts that self-reset until cancelled by user
    • Spacebar scrolling thru a watchlist of charts
    • Trailing stops in either points or percentage
    • Self-cancelling orders above and below the market (allowing you to simultaneously place both sell-limit/sell-stop or buy-limit/buy-stop orders with auto-cancel when one is hit)
    • Filtered T&S windows (i.e., only see prints size 500sh or higher, etc.)
    • Realtime P&L that deducts for commissions
    I'm sure there's other things on my wish-list but these come to mind. And I know various platforms have some of the features listed above, but I'd like it all in one. :)
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  4. Sector dynamics, real-time highly customisable technical and news scans, flexible charting, an integrated stockbox (with all ECNS), great broker support, reasonable commissions, automatic execution alerts, extended trading.

    Only 2 come to mind:
    1) Brokers providing Realtick
    2) Cybertrader
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  5. Klaorman



    Hold Brothers also has the REDI book integrated into Level II. They also have the ARCA, BRUT and INCA books (in addition to ISLD). In fact, I just discovered the INCA book right now because the default was set to off (they didn't have all the books when I first started with them in May; I guess they snuck it in there with the updates).
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  6. gary


    My total cost per month is $20 that includes ISP. I desire nothing more.
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  7. Jeffrey



    My business does not need to hire a marketing firm to find a niche in the trading industry. I can cut costs, and do my own survey right here.

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  8. vinigar


    Doogie funny post:D Magna good post...insightful...Candle your right its too bad thats all thats out there that even comes close...Jeffery...I hope they are watching this thread whoever they are and come up with some for me I would like to have one of those great big huge flat panel know...about 6 foot accross and 4 feet wide...then I could have one awesome set up for one monitor:D
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  9. Rigel


    Two computers. AMD 1500 Athlon, 512 meg RAM, $300+ 64mb video cards. Good sound systems to play music and alerts.
    A cable connection to one, a DSL connection to the other.
    Each computer connected to a single, huge flat panel display, at least 21".
    A reliable historical data source.
    A reliable real-time data source.
    A reliable broker who can be counted on to execute all stop, limit, and market orders at the best available price in under 5 seconds, ALWAYS.
    Good real-time charting software
    Good historical charting software
    Good backtesting software.
    A handheld calculator.
    A telephone.
    Pens, pencils, and paper.
    Large, well lit desk by a window with a view.
    A good spreadsheet software like Excel.
    An excercise bike and universal gym within glancing distance of the setup.
    Unlimited alerts that can be tied to specific .WAV files you record so when an alert triggers you will get a specific instruction such as "price getting close" or "sell this now".
    One of those vibrating chairs so my butt doesn't die and fall off from lack of blood flow.
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  10. That's all it would take for me:cool:
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