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  1. If you were building the ultimate software trading platform --- cost is no factor what would you have included inside??

    Direct access of course. What type of features can you dream of???

    Robert Tharp
  2. Well a year ago I could have given you quite a list. I really think that I could trade now quite comfortably with one computer and two monitors and a 56k modem, almost any data feed and IB.:D
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    Simple is OK with me (2-4 monitors would be nice though), but I've recently put the QQQ's on my LII display and the volume was just too much for my 56K connection to handle. So, I'd have to add a broadband connection like DSL to the mix.

    Not sure if that's on topic.........just my 2¢
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    It would be totally automated by allowing me to write software that would emulate what I would do if I was there, which I wouldn't be on a beautiful day.
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    Robert, are you talking about hardware ? software ? and for what kind of trading, how many markets etc.. ?
    otherwise it is quite a vague question since trading is different things to different people ?
  6. I edited my original post adding word software

    I'll start with some examples.

    Direct access level 2 trading to all options.

    News on all stocks with dividend dates/float analysis.

    It was a topic in the trading office here earlier. We have been testing quite a few here lately as demo's are constantly sent to the office. Just wanted to hear what everyone thought the high end sports car trading platform would contain.

  7. getting into the software business Robert?
    How about chart pattern recognition? I know ther are some good scan programs, and even 1 or 2 pattern rec programs...but maybe something that could alert to certain technical patterns intra day.
  8. sort of. to answer your question uptiki about going into software business

    I have been testing on quite a few trading platforms in the last few days. Some have some features I love while missing some I like. I found a few programs I love but if I were to go back to the programmers I would add different things and take some things out.

    Maybe another way would be to say would do you love about in our trading platform that must be there.

    Thought this could prove to be an interesting discussion.

  9. TWO SETS of Athlon DUAL processors (266MHz) SPEC RAID config!

    2+ Gigs DDR Ram!

    Dual 36 Gig IBM Ultrastar 10000rpm SCSI Hard drives w/FastTrack RAID config!

    TWELVE 19" Monitors!

    FIFTEEN Bay Double Wide Big Bertha Tower, 80+92+120+150+220mm fans, 515 W ATX12V power supply (difficult to find)!

    24X10X40 Plextor CD-RW!

    16X Pioneer DVD!

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Sound card!

    Triple Appian Quad Cards loaded w/tons of video RAM or

    SIX Dual Matrox 550 Cards! :)

    WIN XP or 2000 Prof!



    DSL AND Cable!

    Now this kicks some major BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Oh yeahhhhh babbbbbbbbbbbyyyy!!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    I really like customizable charting. I think one of the reasons Real Tick has stood the test of time is this feature. Here are some examples of customization I'm referring to

    1)Snap to window--having either all the data appear in the chart window, or just the current data, with past data viewable by horizontal scroll bar.
    2)Periodicity--being able to pull up one minute, six minute, fifteen minute or whatever period of time you choose for your bars.
    3)Total time--being able to have the chart span one day, two days, four days, etc.
    4)Pre and post market charting capabilities, not time and sales charting, but actual trades, just like in regular session trading.

    Some of the better charting platforms, like CyberTrader, Tradecast, and Real Tick as I mentioned, have features like this. Some others like Virtual Trader and Redi Plus aren't very customizable.

    Another feature I like is having the entire ECN books integrated in the level 2 montage. Most platforms have the ISLD book integrated, but having the Redibook is a plus. The other ECNs typically don't have more than one bid or ask near the top (I don't think so anyway), so ISLD and REDI are the only real important ones.

    I don't really know how you could improve on other features, such as most active lists, trade blotters, tickers, etc. They all seem pretty similar to me.
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