The Ultimate Trading Platform...what would it look like?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by AutoMate, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. This thread is intended be a 'bluesky' forum as well as spark discussion on the pros and cons of the execution platforms that exist out there already for active traders.

    Okay boys, let's here it, what would the ultimate trading platform look like? I'm interested to see what's out there and what's missing.

    P.S. for all those jokers out there who have nothing better to do but respond with posts like 'one that has winning trades only buttons', save it. Let's make this thread a good discussion about what people who make a living from the market need and want from the tool they use to earn their living.


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  2. I have the ultimate trading platform, for me. Buttontrader does everything I ask of it flawlessly and instantly. I really cant think of anything to improve it. I am only trading emini futures, however.
  3. Haha, :confused: you make me laugh, calling Button Trader
    one ultimate trading plateform is crock of shit

    There are hell of things that you are unable to
    do with it, i will pay $5 for it only

  4. I would like my software to have a pair of titties.
  5. One for looooong and one for short?

  6. Does IB's TWS (Trader Workstation) qualify? I have been using IB for a while. Seems TWS has the flexibility in customizing orders etc. But I can't compare as I haven't tried many others.

    IB doesn't offer pit-traded futures -- which is a big negative for me. Is there a firm/platform offer the capabilities of TWS and also have access to pit-traded markets?
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    The best platform is in your head, just learn how to use it.:D
  8. nitro


    It would be a scaled up version of what I have now.

  9. I've used various platforms for IB (Ninja was my favorite along with Buttontrade) and now use TradeMaven which I like for its volume filter. Had to change brokers to get TM. It doesn't work with IB.

    As far as making trades, anyone that your Broker/data supply supports that allows one click trades should satisfy unless you want to automate. Have no clue in that area.
  10. Real intelligent response Nana, as usual. You probably didnt see that I qualified the statement with "for me". I trade ES exclusively. All I need to do is enter, exit and reverse. It does this perfecdtly and hasnt malfunctiioned once after several thousand trades.
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