The Ultimate 'Rorschach' Test: Conspiracy Theorists vs Non-Conspiracy Theorists

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  1. I rarely comment on conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, Bilderberg Conference/Group, Bohemian Grove, etc., etc., etc.

    But this is a quick video of comments George Carlin made, and it is very general in tone and content. Therefore, I think that this is a very good Rorschach Test as to how most of us can characterize ourselves regarding what has been commonly referred to as some 'New World Order.'

    How do you react to his comments?

    Do you find them to be closer to the core truth of our lives, or less than credible and conspiratorial in nature?

    If you listen to what he has to say, and find yourself in agreement in general, you probably doubt your government and believe their is a higher order that seeks to control your lives.

    If you tend to think he is ranting, and most or all of what he has to say is the condescending or baseless and conspiratorial in nature, lacking in proof, and you find yourself skeptical, you probably resist the various theories concerning some 'inner sanctum' of individuals, all from different religions and nations, who plan major and minor events that control our fate as individuals and societies.

    How do you react to his comments?

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  2. ByLo,

    Let me ask you this. Ever hear of a man named Thorne? How about a man named Stimson? Here is a quote for you.

    "In August 1945, Stimpson dined with the Thornes at 740 [Park Aveneue]
    and announced over dinner that the next day America would change the world. The next day America dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Seven forty wasn't the White House, but it's access to power was nearly the same."

    740 Park Avenue the worlds richest apartment building.

    (sigh) by the time we are wise enough to know what goes on, and I would imagine in all professions and military, people in positions to speak out, who really know, they are discounted as old and irrelevant. Those with money, who knew, don't speak out. It is usually the altruistic, nothing more to lose, may even endanger their life by speaking out, these are the ones who are waved off as yesterdays news.

    George Carlin? He is no threat, even if every word is true. He is a comedian.

    Jim Cramer had said he estimates about 100 people control the market. He is probably correct, but then again, I doubt anyone would ask him to elaborate. Know what I'm saying?
  3. Oh, I have an opinion, Nutmeg.

    I felt compelled to post this Carlin narration because it's general in tone, timely in content (especially post 9/11), and doesn't get very specific as to particular groups or motives (contrary to, say, a video about The Bilderberg Group, or 'The Creature From Jekyll Island').

    Therefore, it is a better gauge of one's general sentiment towards randomness versus 'planning' by 'groups' influencing their lot in life.
  4. great vid, thanks for posting
  5. I think slowly, the tides are turning... People are waking up to the BS and the systems of control.

    Mainstream TV is public enemy number #1. If you watch it habitually, you likely will become a dangerous, lobotomized serf.

    Thanks for the vid, Carlin loves his country and calls it like he sees it, and I mostly agree.
  6. achilles28


    Well said.

    There is an Elite Ownership/Ruling Class. The Federal Reserve is a Private Corporation. Special Interest Lobbying is Real and amounts to billions in defacto bribes. Corporations write Laws. Not Congress. The Constitution has been, and continues to be, eviscerated. And Politicians hype fear for Control and Money.

    Sorry, anyone who thinks otherwise is Bambi or part of the System.
  7. Well said. There is a method to the madness. None of this could be pulled off but that a mind be imprisoned inside, and limited to a body. The body is the method. Madness is the goal. When man is sick of this, he will reconsider.

  8. achilles28


    I hope to God, you're right!
  9. Yeah, it's time for everyone to pull out the tubes, emerge from their slime cells, take the Jello slide into the water, and be rescued by Morpheus!

    Achilles28 did it for me, perhaps he can do it for the rest of you.
  10. achilles28


    Gee, you're right, Hapless. Government is always so open and honest.

    Our Leaders are never out for personal gain or power. They dedicate their entire lives just to help us! Its great!

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