The ultimate portfolio

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  1. 150 AAPL
    50 GOOG
    120 POT or MOS
    85 MA or 300 V

    total: $100,000

    You can't go wrong with this set up

    Some of the best companies with huge growth. NO small caps, no speculation. The smallest company has a market cap of 40 billion.
  2. No speculation? Sorry, but you are speculating, even if you hold these things for 10 years..........Other than that - those are the mega growth names that have been working. Nothing has changed for those stocks so they should keep working.........but to say you're not speculating is foolish. There is nothing wrong with speculation. Embrace it!
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    i think RIMM is better play then AAPLE.

    AAPLE might be short term play but RIMM is long term play...

    RIMM could easily triple from here in next 5 yrs...
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    your whole portfolio in stocks?
  5. The ultimate portfolio would surely include some shorts.

  6. +1

    And bonds, and CDs, and real estate, I missing anything?
  7. In stocks world, the market only goes higher..There will never be another recession or bear market, hell in his paper investing world there are no corrections. Everyday is a day to buy, and you never sell anything.
  8. The goal of the stock market is to make money. Why not go long on the stocks that have been working?

    True, any investment is speculation but there is less risk going long in these picks with a lot of money than sticking your money in some crappy bio tech which claims to have a cure for cancer.


    Not all biotechs are "crappy". Do some homework. I've traded SVNT (formerly BTGC) for 10 years. Also built a large position over that time.

    It's now $24, up from $5 less than 2 years ago. And I'd bet it'll be in the $40's yet this year; likely when it's bought out. High beta = great volatility = great trading stock.
  10. See - your definition of the stock market is to make money - thats mine too. But for a lot of people its just earning a steady rate of return without losing what you've earned.

    There are so many ways to skin a cat on wall st. its not even funny.

    I don't pretend to be diversified - I play one stock at a time - and if i hold through earnings i've got at least a 5% gain in it. thats not to say i put my whole account behind it - i'll do 50% of my account, and add on dips. once i get 10% gain on my last buy - i start selling some off. usually 25% at a time.

    point is - know what your strategy is and play it - nobody cares how cute your plays are.......

    just stick to what you want to do.
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