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  1. having traded options for many years, i believe i have found the ultimate options platform., a stupid name but a fantastic trading platform. the site and trading software is run by extremely intelligent chicago floor traders who will take the time to help you out. by the way, i have no affilliation with this site, just trying to pass along some good info.

  2. please post their ("extremely intelligent chicago floor traders") IQ's. thank you.

    ps a tip, don't place periods after URLs (screws up the link)
  3. thank you for the intelligent reply. sorry for the typo in the link.


  4. If they are so intelligent why does the site have such a stupid name?:D
  5. hi watson

    funnier still is the name of the founders option book----"coulda, woulda, shoulda" by charles cottle. the BEST option book i have ever seen--- however stupid the name.