The Ultimate, OMFG Put All The Chips On The Table Indie is strong and says. . .

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TGregg, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. TGregg


    . . . go short. Been a long time since we've seen one of those threads about how the top is in. So we're due.

    OTOH none of those threads had good reasons, nor does this one so it's sort of a selfunfufilling prophecy since it self cancels. ;)
  2. Um. Sentiment went from very bullish to very bearish quickly. With the current US and foreign central banking open market operations the quick sentiment change and transitional currency movement we have a short term top most likely in the making.

    But this will take some time. I do not think there is too big ahurry to build a big short position yet, and the next low in equities should be good long term position trade to the long side.

    BTW I am new to the boards feel free to discuss heatedly I have thick skin. JMHO What do you think?
  3. ddefina


    I think a retrace is in order soon, then start adding to short positions when it sputters. The base seems pretty good to get a rally started today or this week.
  4. TGregg


    Welcome to ET. After you hang around long enough, you'll see lots of threads started (usually in this forum) about the next market move. Usually these threads contain little to no real information but are mostly if not completely unsupported opinions from the poster. And usually dead wrong. And usually and quickly moved to chit chat where they belong. Perhaps even this thread deserves that fate.

    My more humorous than sincere point was that we had a great many This Here Is The Top and This Here Is The Top Really threads created on an almost daily basis as the market rallied. Now we no longer have those threads started on a regular basis. Perhaps it means the rally is over. Who knows, not me. Just a possible interesting observation.
  5. Oh I get it. Thanks. But what agreate site. Entertaining, informative, and much better than trying to discuss trading with individuals without the passion or knowledge to at least get a discussion going. Cheers.

    My position.

    Sold 90% of my shorts Friday. The remaining 10% are hedged with an equal long position for essentially a pairs trade.

    I am looking for a crawl up in the indexes and will load up on shorts then for a ride to 900 or so (SPOOS)

    Long dollar on any pullbacks.

    Neutral metals.

    Long Ag commodities in the long, long run.

    Long RE but too early still----wait until Jan/Feb 2011.
  6. Greatest reversal in Brazil shorts on Friday as well...