The Ultimate Mobile Trading Rig

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  1. Here are my opinions on the ultimate rig with comments

    Lenovo T420s with enhanced graphics and solid state drive with Onsite Warranty Service-

    - I looked on the Lenovo website. There are a few levels of customer service at Lenovo. When you pay for the service contract then you get a priority customer service number and someone will come to your house to fix the problem. Also comes with accident insurance and other stuff. If you dont pay for the insurance, you get stuck with the other customer service guys which are horrible and mail your laptop to them.

    - This is a 14 inch laptop which can support 3 monitors. The solid state drive will make it boot up within seconds. You get the expansion port and attach an external drive to it since the drive is only 160 gb. This is ideal if you want to be able to easily travel with your laptop. So when you are at home it makes for a great desktop which can support three monitors. When you have to go out on the road, then you just have 14 inches of computer to carry around.

    - This rig has more power then you need for trading and even a little gaming. It is the preferred computer of most business travelers. Tough and durable. Never an overheating problem even if you dont clean it.

    Dell Precision M6600 Workstation

    - This rig is more power then you will ever need for trading. Actually, this rig is probably more geared for engineers, the scientific community, CAD/CAM, professional photographers/videographers, gamers, etc.

    - If you really want the ultimate laptop and willing to pay top dollar then look no further. You can equip it with the top of line extreme mobile processor which is the 2960XM, 32 gbs of ram and a Class 1 graphics processor which was originally designed for super demanding CAD/CAM applications.

    - At 8lbs, this will be a paperweight in about 4-5 years. New processors come out each year and this will be old news and you are left with a big hunk of plastic and silicone.

    HP Envy Series Laptop
    If you need more performance then the Lenovo, but not as much performance as the Dell M6600 then this is it. You can equip this laptop with 16gb and a 2860QM. The "Radiance" display is awesome. On the 17 inch model, you can equip one drivebay with a fast SSD to put system/boot files and the other bay with a 1 TB drive. It will boot up in just seconds and be fast system wise.

    18-inch laptops
    - For traveling traders who want as much screen real estate as possible then there are two 18-inch notebooks which have more then enough power for trading and multimedia.

    Acer Ethos- Get one for about $1000 on Ebay. Good enough.

    Alienware M18X- This is the most powerful laptop computer I can possibly think of sold on the market right now. You can equip it with an overclocked specially modified 2960XM, a dual 675m graphics processor (fastest graphics option as of right now and it has two of these), 32gb of ram, and three SSD drives. It just doesnt get any faster then this.

    My advice is to go with the Lenovo 420s ssd drive and enhanced graphics with a service plan unless you really need more power. Most of us need a good computer we can work with at home on the desk with monitors attached and then when we go out its nice to take it with us. You cant simply tote around a 15, 17 or 18 inch laptop with you. If you need screen real estate, then the Acer Ethos will be more then enough.

    The M6600, Envy and M18X are more then you will ever need for trading. If you want best of the best go with them. However, if you want something practical, portable and is a tank which will never give you any heating problems and can last 10 hours on one charge then the T420 is the best choice. For screen real estate, I would choose the Acer Ethos and you can find one for a grand on Ebay.

    I currently use a the HP HDX18 with T9900 processor and 8gb ram along with two cheap Lenovo B series laptops. These seem powerful enough to run whatever I need. So the reality is that all of the above notebooks are overkill for trading even the economical Acer Ethos.
  2. The ultimate moblie trading rig when you read price is your smartphone!:D
  3. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. Brass


    I was thinking Google glasses. Then we can all live the dream of scalping while getting a root canal.
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    Does anyone know if any of the Tablets have capability of using wired mouse or a wireless mouse that is just like a 3 button wired?

    Would like to not have to lug around my 17", I know less screen size but give and take in almost anything.

  6. I think you should sim trade on the tablet first before making the move off of the 17 inch. I noticed that high definition charts on a 17 inch look a lot different then lower definition charts on a 14 or 15 inch rig.

    Its a whole lot different trading at a desk with two large high definition monitors then on a tablet while sitting at Starbucks.

  7. Oddly, Android tech obviates the need for glasses. If you can read price, a smartphone will do just fine:)
  8. Asus just released a new tablet, try looking into that. My moving to a smartphone was to eliminate my having to carry my HPdv7. That thing is getting heavy:D

    I also got to eliminate my air card that was crazy expensive.
  9. When you learn to stop looking at charts, and start looking at price directly, there is no difference at all.
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    I like my Sony s series 15 inch laptop.nonly 4.5 pounds. Most laptops that have 15 inch screens are like 6 pounds. It's not a durable laptop, they use a lot of plastic, but it makes it more portable and I see laptops are largely disposable anyway.
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