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  1. LSRI is Neither Reported, Quoted, Traded Nor Listed on the Pink Sheets Electronic Inter-Dealer Quotation and Trading System

    New York, NY, July 10, 2006 - In response to false statements recently made by WIN ANIMAL RIGHTS of 305 Madison Avenue, Suite 440, New York, New York 10165 (WAR), Pink Sheets LLC makes the following clarifying statement:

    Life Sciences Research, Inc. (LSRI) is not quoted, traded or listed on the Pink Sheets electronic inter-dealer quotation and trading system.

    LSRI is identified as "Other OTC," a reference to stocks trading on the so-called "Grey Market." Securities identified as "Other OTC" are not listed on any stock exchange or quoted on the Pink Sheets or the OTCBB. Other OTC trades are reported by broker-dealers to their Self Regulatory Organizations (SROs), and the relevant SRO makes these trades publicly available to market data services. Pink Sheets is not an SRO.

    Trade reporting and recording of LSRI trades are made through the facilities of an SEC registered SRO that distributes the information to market data services and websites for public redistribution. Pink Sheets is not an SRO and does not receive trade reports in LSRI from broker-dealers or redistribute the information to other market data services or web sites.

    Pink Sheets website, like all other financial websites, does display the trade data distributed by SROs in 50,000+ Other OTC securities (as well as 9,000+ exchange listed securities, 3,000+ OTCBB quoted securities and 4,800+ Pink Sheets traded securities) which are clearly marked Other OTC, with a link explaining that Other OTC securities are not reported, quoted, traded nor listed on the Pink Sheets.

    WAR has made the false and misleading statement that "Pink Sheets is still reporting and recording their trades and funneling the information to other reporting venues like the OTCBB and Yahoo Finance." This statement is false. Pink Sheets is not an SRO. It does not report, record or redistribute to other vendors trade reports for LSRI or any Other OTC security, does not receive trade reports from broker-dealers in Other OTC securities, does not have ownership of any trade data in Other OTC securities, and does not "funnel" trade information about LSRI to other reporting venues or financial websites. The information on Other OTC trade displayed on financial websites comes from SRO trade data services that are not affiliated with Pink Sheets.

    WAR's past statements regarding LSRI trading have resulted in unlawful threats and intimidation of OTC market participants, notwithstanding the claims made on their website. The most-recent false and misleading statements about Pink Sheets can only be viewed as another attempt to incite unlawful mischief. In this case, WAR has carelessly and maliciously targeted the wrong entity. Pink Sheets is not responsible for trade reporting, recording and redistribution in LSRI or any other OTC security. Any threats received by Pink Sheets as a result of this incitement will be forwarded to the proper law enforcement authorities.