The ultimate gold sell signal

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  1. Stop calling for a top in gold!!!!!!!!!!

    It won't happen till 2020!:cool:
  2. You mean after the collapse of the US pension system ? :D
  3. 9999


    Short gold, long cat (as usual).
  4. AK100


    There's certainly a bull market in people calling for a top in Gold. Perhaps that's the REAL contary indicator to indicate we're going a lot HIGHER.

    PS. How many magazine covers of nerds and computers from 1996 till the top of the Nasdaq around 2000? Plenty of course...........
  5. They called a top at $600

    Then $700

    Then $800

    Then $900

    Then $1000

    Then $1,100

    Then $1,200

    Then $1,300

    Now $1,350

    One day they will call a top at $25,000 and it will finally drop and they will all scream "I TOLD YOU!"
  6. At least being "early" is not the same as being "wrong"...
  7. PaulRon


    Anyone else see a blowoff top in gold today? not sure of what kind of top but at least a few weeks
  8. DrEvil


    Who can say. I will say one thing though. Trading gold has been more fun than any other trade that I can remember. May the fun continue ...
  9. rew


    Here's my contrary indicator that will signal the gold top:

    When deadbroke throws in the towel and goes long.
    #10     Oct 10, 2010