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  1. i am considering booking myself on a course run by jason stratton and train2trade in chicago that they claim is totally unique - its an 8 day trading camp that lets you trade with real traders with constant mentoring.....

    i've been on traders international and pristines courses and found them ok but needed more for the money i spent... - does anyone have any info on these guys as i would like to make sure i'm doing the right thing before i commit..... apparently jason was a member on the cme...
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    Do a search on train2trade on this board.

    I remember a threath about them which was not positive at all. (Someone who claimed he worked for them)
  3. thanks - done a search but cant find anything...

    do you remember what was said?
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  5. i guess you've had good experience with these guys, but the reason i want something different is because i want to actually learn with traders in a trading environment - thats why i looked at - does dti have practicle courses from real successful traders too?
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    Play the markets during the class both in simulations and in real time. Many of our students earn money in the markets right there in the classroom, as they benefit from on-the-spot tips from veteran trader Tom Busby and his superb teaching staff. -dti

    other camp also have actual trading

    Murreymath also do actual trading class I think
  7. Contact me at FFastTrade if you have any questions about this seminar. The Trading Camp is going to be held in my office at FFastTrade, where Jason Stratton runs his prop. business called Falcon Trading. Jason is a very impressive trader. He is one of the most consistent DayTraders that I have ever seen. I have been monitoring his Trading for over 3 1/2 months and I can only remember 2 losing days. 1 of those days was due to the CME's connectivity problems. His group is affiliated with and clears through O'Connor Trading.

    I am biased but I have seen how he trades. A few weeks ago he did a Free seminar for the CME, called Meet the Experts and over 110 traders from the CME floor attended. He really put on a very interesting seminar. The feedback was amazing and I think that alot of experienced traders learned something new. I know that I did. I was an institutional trader for over 11 years and I truly feel that this guy has found an edge. The real Question is: Can he teach a regular person the same discipline??? Have a great Holiday Season!
  8. thanks..... so is this Train2Trade or FFastTrade...?

    why should i go to this course over say dti or the like?
  9. The Seminar is sponsored by Train2Trade, but will be held in my office at FFastTrade. FFastTrade has a relationship with Train2Trade in that they provide our website and our trainer with additional marketing outlets.

    Jason Stratton will be presenting his Course and I know for a fact that he is extremely successful day in and day out trading his methodology. I have been in this business for a long time and I will testify that this guy produces consistent results for himself. The real question about all of these guys is: If they are that good, why not spend all of their time on Trading???

    I do not know that much about DTI except that they Market as much as anyone I've seen. In most cases, Firms that spend the majority of their time Marketing their Training seminars have trainers that are not Trading as actively as someone like Jason.

    Jason is not interested in spending his trading hours marketing, so Train2Trade does this for him. However he is willing to spend a Great deal of time teaching his art. All you would have to do is meet this guy to know that. He lives and breathes the Markets.
    I strongly suggest that you contact Train2Trade after trading hours and ask to speak to Jason. It would be worth it!
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    "The Seminar is sponsored by Train2Trade, but will be held in my office at FFastTrade."

    What, in London???

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