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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by TraderSupreme, May 7, 2007.

  1. Ok guys and girls, I honestly want this thread to be all about your experiences and successes with futures.. Write down which vehicles you trade, your time frames, what your edge is, etc.

    For me, I trade YM daily frames with RMO indicator. That simple. I also use volume and price to determine general direction.

    I am curious to see what sum of you guys gotta say.. hah
  2. You never mentioned if you are successful :)
  3. Oh, I didn't.. lol.. you caught me, i"m one of those gurus that only give answers but have no success to back it up.. rofl.

    am I successful? I hate tootin my own horn bud, but if you want to know, i'd say I am.
  4. nkhoi

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    can you help him out? Socrates left him, poor guy!
  5. This is a confusing thread already, are you a guru or do YOU need futures help? It sounds like you have a method that works for you, and you say here that you do well. But in your first post you ask people to share their methods/edges which doesnt make sense to me if you are already a guru.

  6. Steven, nice to meet another Steve on board.. I am not a guru!! Hell no, son. I was joking.. I want people to share your experiences ONLY in futures in this thread so we can all analyze them.
  7. Hahaa I do see he likes my indicator.. Sure send him to this thread. I'd love to pick apart his strategies. I am actually looking to mentor some people.
  8. I bet we got ourselves a shape - shifter...same guy if you ask me.
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